welcome to canada, welcome to the blogosphere

I haven't done a "welcome to Canada, welcome to the blogosphere" post in a long time.

Many years ago, this kind of post was a wmtc staple. Folks who had found this blog and each other during their emigration process would start blogs, and we'd all cheer each other on as the months and years of waiting dragged on . . . then finally we'd welcome each other to Canada. Some of those folks have become mainstays of the progressive blogosphere, but most have moved on.

I'm very pleased to introduce a new moving-to-Canada blog, written by friend-of-wmtc Northern Girl. NG and her family escaped the hell of Florida, first for the limbo of Ohio, and now, at last, for the freedom they hope to find in Guelph. That's one more family to help make Canada the country we want it to be. You can welcome Northern Girl and follow her family's progress at Moving to Ontario.

Another USian defector introduced himself to me recently. He and his family moved to Canada - also from the US south - around the same time Allan and I did. They're the second US ex-pats we've met with that coincidence of dates. Charles, who lives in New Brunswick, contacted me asking how he could help the war resisters campaign. He doesn't blog, but he's written an essay on why he moved to Canada. It may surprise you.

And finally, a friend and comrade of mine has started an excellent new progressive blog: "your heart's on the left", musings on health and politics. I love the title, especially as the blogger is a physician.

Dr. J is the first socialist doctor I'd ever met, the first doctor I've known who doesn't introduce himself with his title. He's a committed activist and an excellent writer, and this is his first foray into blogging. I'm glad to tune in from the beginning, so I can read everything he posts. Check it out.

One of the items on my to-do list this past summer - one of the few things I didn't accomplish - was to re-design the look of wmtc. I'm already looking ahead to my winter break for the renovation. I'm totally sick of looking at this blog in its current form. I'm thinking of going stripped-down, minimalist. So one day I'll surprise you.


Northern Girl said...

Thank for so much for the welcome L-girl.

Still in Southern Ohio until Friday 6am. Hope to cross the Canadian border (Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Windsor) some time between 10.00 am and 11.00 am.

pg said...

Thanks for introducing some new American friends. I see Dr. J has written a very perceptive piece on government treatment of vets and war resisters that I hope gets wide circulation: http://yourheartsontheleft.blogspot.com/2010/10/on-harpers-hatred-for-troops-and.html

Stephanie said...

To Northern Girl,


I wonder if you know about the Port Huron border crossing located just one hour to the north of Detroit. It is usually much less congested (perhaps an easier crossing) and then you take the 402 highway directly to the 401 highway.

Of course you have been making your plans for some time but in the case you found this helpful...Bon voyage!

AtB B and B said...

Welcome Northern Girl & Family!

I tried leaving a comment on your blog but something was going buggy and it didn't take.

My wife Kelly and I have been in Ontario for 2.5 years in Stratford - not too far from Guelph. If you haven't heard of the Stratford Festival, look it up. You still have time to catch some plays this year and your whole family might enjoy the production of "Peter Pan."

If/when you make it to Stratford, look us up as we'd love to meet you and show you around.

Best wishes,
Across the Bridge B&B

Northern Girl said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for the welcome, and the tip. It probably would be a good border to cross since it's not as busy as Windsor, but we were already committed to Windsor in our plans.

Thanks for the welcome pg.

Hello AtB B and B. Sorry you couldn't leave a comment on my blog, I'm new to blogging, maybe there is a bug. Thank you for your message, and we would love to look you up once we get settled.

Hi L-girl - quick note to let you know we arrived on Friday - so much to do, it's such a whirlwind right now. We have no internet yet, so I'm sitting at the local Holiday Inn to say a quick hello. It certainly looks a lot tidier than my living room. I'm not sure if there is a living room under all those boxes and pieces of furniture ;)

Happy thanksgiving everyone! We feel very thankful to be in Canada this year.

L-girl said...

Ah, Northern Girl, your comment takes me back. The days and weeks around our move to Canada is such a powerful emotional memory for me.

Best of luck sorting it all out! You'll be all settled in for your first Canadian winter. It will be great.