must-see video: lawless harper government

This is a terrific video, marred, in my opinion, by the inadequate conclusion it draws for the very real issues raised.

Vote? That's it? That's all we should do?

Speak, write, march, rally, educate, document, agitate, organize. Also, vote.


Anonymous said...

We cannot win this battle through the ballot box alone. Much of what we take for granted today such as
The 5 day, 40 hr week
The 8hr day
Paid vacation
Stat holidays
minimum wage
labour and health standards
and so much more, were won through the courage and blood of my grandparents generation.

These brave souls took to the streets despite the real threat of death at the hands of the bosses goons, the police and even our military, and many indeed did pay with their lives.

The same courage and determination are required of us today. I truly believe that we will eventually rise to the occasion, my only question is when.

When will enough people finally cry out OFF WITH THEIR HEADS

laura k said...

Thanks, Mad Loon. So true. I don't know if I share your optimism about a future uprising... but I am willing to work towards it anyway.

geek guy said...

Very good video!.