ladies and gentlemen, it's rolling stones day!

Tonight, I put aside peace activism and get back to rock and roll.

"Ladies and Gentlemen ... The Rolling Stones," the legendary concert film of the Stones' 1972 US Tour is coming to your town. And more importantly, it's coming to my town!

This film, a document of the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World (TM) touring the Greatest Rock Album of All Time, has long been bootlegged. Most Stones fans have seen bits and pieces over the years, but not the whole thing, and not in good condition. On October 12, the movie finally will be officially released on DVD. And in advance of that, there is a one-night-only screening in theatres throughout North America - tonight.

We are going and we are psyched!

In a fitting coincidence, the last time Allan and I were in a movie theatre - other than for activism - was to see another Stones movie, Martin Scorcese's "Shine A Light," in IMAX.

This is a real Laura-and-Allan moment. We share many things, but "Exile On Main Street" just may be the basis of our entire relationship.

A bit more about "Ladies and Gentlemen..." and how excited we are here on JoS.


Amy said...

Have a great time!!

laura k said...

Thank you!

deang said...

Some of y'all may be old enough to remember when people would camp out overnight, or even a day or more in advance, to buy tickets to the really big concerts. Back when I was in high school in the late 70s/early 80s, some kids would just happen to be absent from school when tickets went on sale for shows like Van Halen, Aerosmith, and others, but when Stones tickets went on sale, even some of the teachers would take off and camp out for tickets.

laura k said...

but when Stones tickets went on sale, even some of the teachers would take off and camp out for tickets.

Now two or even three generations in a family will go see the Stones or Springsteen or Dylan together. We did *not* do that when I was a teenager! :)

One of my fondest HS memories is skipping school the day The Last Waltz opened in NYC, going into the city for the day with friends see the movie on the big screen and bask in the glow.