george galloway to speak in toronto this weekend

The Globe and Mail headline put it best: "‘I'm coming to get you,’ George Galloway tells Jason Kenney".

Galloway arrives in Toronto Saturday, and will speak at Trinity St Paul's United Church the following day, Sunday, October 3, at 3:00 p.m.

It will be quite a triumphant scene! We sure could use that right now.


laura k said...

You can also greet Galloway at the airport!

Event on Facebook

johngoldfine said...

George Galloway is not my cup of tea, but anyone who can garner a description like this: "infandous street-corner Cromwell,"--words requiring my dictionary to assure me that there is no typo--, is obviously no one to be trifled with.

As always, I'm most particularly a supporter of freedom for the speech I disagree with and so am glad to see that Galloway made it to Toronto.

laura k said...

Thank you, John. Very cool.

He's not here yet, but the government would be foolish to stop him. This weekend, we'll find out just how foolish they are.