at rabble: ezra levant vs. reality, prelude to fox news north

Anyone following The People versus Fox News North story, by now knows that Toronto Sun printed a retraction of some of the more egregious lies they had published about activist-philanthropist George Soros. [I know we can't expect proper grammar from a published newspaper, but the first sentence of the second paragraph is a whopper.]

Many bloggers have been chronicling the day-by-day blows of Chief Wingnut Ezra Levant and his attacks on Soros and the online activist group Avaaz, but this story by Alheli Picazo, writing on Rabble provides history and context. Excellent work, highly recommended.
Ezra Levant vs. reality -- a prelude to Fox News North
By Alheli Picazo

The battle between supporters and opponents of Sun TV News -- the Fox News style channel headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former communications director Kory Teneycke -- reached new heights when members of the ‘Fox News North' team took issue with a growing online petition urging the CRTC to reject Quebecor's (QMI) request to "make it mandatory for cable and satellite networks to provide access to the channel ‘for a maximum period of three years to effectively expose and promote its programming to viewers across Canada'."

In an article entitled Anti-Sun TV News campaign in U.S., Sun Media (QMI)'s Brian Lilley alleges the petition is the work of "a group of left-wing Americans supporting interests in Canada that don't want to see competition in news broadcasting ... backed by MoveOn.org a lobby group that has taken millions of dollars from currency speculator George Soros."

What followed is known as the "saga of the Great Sun TV Petition," in which Teneycke, fellow Sun Media (QMI) personality Ezra Levant, and Conservative blogger/activist and founder of the BloggingTories.ca Stephen Taylor, took to twitter to express their ‘outrage,' as ‘someone' spammed the petition with the names of journalists, actors, and fictional characters, and simultaneously penned an editorial about "why Canada needs Sun TV News."

In their co-ordinated effort, Teneycke, Levant and Taylor not only attacked Avaaz.org -- a global online advocacy community whose co-founder and Executive Director, Ricken Patel, happens to be Canadian -- as a foreign operation, but specifically, and repeatedly, refer to George Soros -- a progressive philanthropist who is despised by Right Wing America.

By connecting Soros to the Avaaz petition, Lilley, Levant, Taylor, and Tenycke aim to stoke fear in their followers who, more often than not, are avid consumers of extreme Right Wing media such as Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Andrew Breitbart (BigGovernment.com), Pamela Gellar (AtlasShrugs.com), WorldNetDaily.com, and Judi McLeod (Canadafreepress.com).

Soros can be found at the centre of nearly every conspiracy concocted by the aforementioned, widely discredited media sources, who've alleged...

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Gunner said...

Well based on it supporters it's nice to know this new channel will follow Fox News's sterling journalistic standards.

deang said...

Par for the course for US-style right-wingers. Let's hope that if it does get broadcast in Canada that Canadians don't embrace it wholeheartedly the way Americans have, leading the entire US news media to move even farther to the right (but of course let's hope most of all that it's not allowed to broadcast in Canada at all).

The US right relies on certain standard bogeymen that they blame everything on. The line in the Rabble piece, "Avaaz is a front group for George Soros," would sound just as plausible to a US right-winger if it read "...front group for ACORN" or "for Hillary," or "for Rosie O'Donnell." Where I live, you actually hear that kind of stuff regularly.

And they hate George Soros because he's one of the few remaining wealthy liberals who publicly gives money to left-ish groups and causes, while the right has hundreds of millionaires and billionaires, plus well-endowed think tanks and corporations, doing it even more for the fascist side.

John F said...

Ezra Levant is an odious little twerp.

I think that some of the vitriol of the attacks from the right comes from a perception that George Soros is a traitor to his class. After all, how can a man so successful in finance not be a conservative? Surely it is the natural state of such a man to be, like John Galt, contemptuous of the collectivists who want to leech away the fruits of his genius. Why would he feel in any way obligated to help out the (dare I say) untermenschen?

Oh, and Ezra Levant is an odious little twerp. Did I mention that earlier?

allan said...

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