pupdate and us-update

First and last, thank you to everyone who posted here and/or on Facebook, or sent supportive emails, texts and anything else. Your support and understanding really means a lot to us.

Many people have been asking about us and about Tala, so I thought I should post an update.

We are sad, but fine. This was what professionals call "a good death," meaning the person or creature died with dignity, not in pain, surrounded by love, and at peace. For a dog, I think it also means that the people were comfortable and at peace with the decision to let the dog go.

Allan and I have lost animals suddenly, and young. We were knocked out by grief: inconsolable. We have friends who went through that recently, and it's a nightmare. Losing Cody was nothing like that.

I miss Cody, and my heart aches for her. But I am comforted knowing that she lived her full lifespan. It's never long enough, but for a larger dog and a rescue, 13 years old is a good showing. I mean that most sincerely and profoundly. Think of it as the difference between losing an elderly grandparent to old age and losing a young friend in a traumatic accident. One is far worse.

Tala seems to be doing well. The day of Cody's death and the following day, she seemed confused and a bit down. Last night Allan found her curled up in Cody's ditch, something Tala had never done. That worried me. But this morning Tala and I went on a long walk and she seemed like herself.

I'm concerned about this weekend. We work long hours, and dogwalkers come in to feed and exercise them. Her. Tala has never been alone all weekend. Cody would lie on the bed (as if we didn't know!) and Tala would be in her crate, and they would be together the whole time. Now Tala will be all by herself. There's nothing I can do about that right now. One day she'll have another sister, but not yet.

Other than that, I think she'll adjust pretty quickly.

We've put away Cody's bowl and leash sooner than I normally would, to help Tala into a new routine. I'm sure for her the house smells of Cody and maybe it always will - their sense of smell is so acute - but at least we can start building the new Tala-only universe.

So thanks again, and wmtc will resume regular programming soon.


Northern Girl said...

I've been thinking about you. So glad for the update.

It's very sad, but you're right - she had such a long, good life.

johngoldfine said...

We can guess a lot of what a dog thinks, but IMO the veil drops when it comes to what they remember, smell, feel, think, and imagine about a death in the family. Certainly we can know, as you do, that for a day or two they are confused, upset, disturbed.

After that, it's mostly question marks. But establishing that new routine for Tala is very kind of you, very smart.

Do you know about Greyfriars Bobby? Not Tala's way most likely.

laura k said...

NG, thank you.

JGF, I agree that we can only know so much about a non-human creature's mind. We make certain assumptions about their capacity for abstract thought, but we really don't know. Can't know. It's the essential mystery of having a relationship with a member of another species.

I do know Greyfriar's Bobby and it makes me insane. Do you know the Futurama episode of a similar ilk? The saddest thing I have ever seen on TV. Allan and I blubbered afterwards, couldn't even speak about the episode without crying. If you don't know it and want to, Google "Futurama Fry's Dog Waiting". I believe it's called Jurassic Bark. A killer.

But no. Tala is more easy-going and adaptable, thank the goddesses.

johngoldfine said...

Crying over one dog I've never met is my weekly quota, and I've already met it with Cody, so I have to pass on Futurama this time around. Thanks anyway.

laura k said...

LOL that is so sweet. I don't recommend watching this anyway. It's said to be the show's greatest episode, but I wish I had never seen it.

allan said...

I was (and still am) furious at Futurama for showing that. How fuckin dare they! Seriously.

Ferdzy said...

Oh dear. I've been busy and didn't see this until now. I know you knew it was coming, but it's still a very sad moment. I really enjoyed a little visit with Cody at th party, she was such a sweet dog. Much sympathy.

laura k said...

Thank you, Ferdzy.

MSEH said...

Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you all.