whose park? not their park. canada geese slaughtered in brooklyn's prospect park

I just found out that while I was photographing waterfowl in Stratford, hundreds of their kind were being slaughtered near my former home.

New York Times: Second, and Third, Thoughts Over Killing of Prospect Park Geese

Globe and Mail: The Cleansing of Prospect Park

I understand that geese can overrun areas that humans want for themselves. But there's got to be a better way to deal with it than this.


johngoldfine said...


I thought this might interest you as a companion piece about persecuted geese in the big city; these guys are about a half-mile from Fenway as the, er, crow flies.

johngoldfine said...


Looking more closely: two views of the Citgo sign, one showing a slice of Kenmore Square.

Unknown said...

I am pretty sure if you just let the grass grow a bit longer, the geese will instinctively avoid the place and you can solve the problem without slaughter.