speak out today in toronto / top g20 protest videos

From Torontoist, via wmtc reader James, the 14 essential G20 protest videos.

Today, in Toronto, join your neighbours in calling for a public inquiry into the actions surrounding the G20 summit.

WHEN: TODAY Thursday, July 1, 2010, 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Queens Park, in front of the legislature

WHY: Our rights as human beings and as Canadians

More information at the Facebook group.


CK said...

All the best. I certainly hope you can get them to show up in droves. I have to say that I was shocked and horrified at the last Angus Reid poll.


Scary when Canadians have been convinced to be scared of their own shadows of well, everything, to justify Blair's being inventive, fast and loose with the laws.

But then, many don't believe he was. Even when I produce the articles proving he did in black & white, they refuse to read and still tout the "I wasn't there" or "wait for the inquiry" or whatever.

What is it with these cons in general when confronted with proof, they run away scared from it and attempt to deflect or discredit the person actually holding the proof?

John F said...

On reflection, I think the police did a great job! Not a single member of the shadowy "G20" bloc of economic terrorists escaped from the internment zone. I just wish they'd made a few arrests.