wolf puppies and other adorableness

Our photos from Jungle Cat World are up.

jcw 045

jcw 058

jcw 066

jcw 079

This guy in his winter coat in March...

jcw 188

jcw 179

...is now dressed for summer.

jcw 103

This guy as a newborn...

...is this guy as a toddler.

jcw 020

This little guy who we met in March...


...is now a young adult.

jcw 085

There are also pics of a tiny baby lynx who we met in advance of the public (he lives in the owner's house!), some baby birds in a nest at the bottom of a trash barrel, some otters and a beautiful silver fox rescued from a fur farm. Go here.


L-girl said...

I reeeeally want a better camera. We have a very good camera and len, but they are film. Film! Can you believe it? Our digital camera is a little dinky thing, not very good.

I've wanted a digital SLR for a long time, but really can't afford it. But I just might be buying it anyway...

Amy said...

You take such wonderful photos---is this with your digital? If not, how do you upload film?? If so, if this is what you take with the little dinky one, I can only imagine what you will do with a digital SLR.

I already commented about the animals on FB, so won't repeat myself, except to say that I LOVED them!

You must have wanted to take those puppies home to play with Tala and Cody.

L-girl said...

Thank you, Amy! You can always repeat yourself here. In fact, I prefer it! :)

L-girl said...

Re cameras, this was with our crappy digital, but I do also post photos taken with our film camera. When you bring the film in for developing, you can get the files put on a CD.

We mainly use it only when we're traveling. We have a good zoom and wide angle lens, and I want to get an SLR with which I can use the same lens.

But most recently we used that camera at the Wolf Centre. Those pics are on Flickr, too.

I believe Allan took most of these JCW photos. He is very good.

I am good mainly with scenic shots, not as good with people and close-ups.

L-girl said...

I also sometimes scan photos and upload the scans. I set the scanner to the highest resolution and it works fine.

redsock said...

With what we have, holding the thing steady is about all you can do. But since there is no film to use up, I just keep taking pic after pic. If the animal is moving, one of them will likely be nice.

Those wolf puppies were great!

Amy said...

That is one of my favorite aspects of digital---the ability to take many photos and delete those that are bad. I had a nice SLR with a great lens before digital cameras came out, but I have not used it since. I used to have to throw out so many bad photos!

My digital is nothing fancy---just a basic Kodak Easyshare---but it is good enough for most of my purposes.

And now that I know you prefer comments on wmtc rather than on FB, I will remember to wait and post here!

L-girl said...

That is definitely one of the best aspects of digital photography.

I can't completely give up on my good camera and lens until I have a decent digital replacement - but I don't use it very often.

Re commenting, wmtc is my home online, my own space, much more so than FB, so I prefer the traffic here. But you should comment wherever and however you like. :)

Amy said...

I get that completely. What happens to me is that I see your post sooner on FB because it gets updated so frequently whereas the Google Reader feed which brings me new posts on WMTC is not as fast. But from now on I will just be patient and wait! I don't like to post the same thing twice.

James said...

What's your current camera? If it's a Canon, the Canon Rebel is probably as cheap a good DSLR as you can get. We also have some spare lenses you can use if you like. ;)

L-girl said...

Our film camera is an Olympus OM-10 and we have a Vivitar One lens.

Our digital is also an Olympus, a very inexpensive model we bought basically just for posting pics online.

I love the Vivitar lens and would look for a camera that I could use it with, or with an additional mount if necessary. But this is all just blather, as I can't do any of that any time soon.

impudent strumpet said...

Also, for some reason those puppies remind me of these guys.

L-girl said...

Wow! The licence plate, that is too much. Tala would love to conquer the lawnmower in similar fashion. (She bites the tires.)

David Cho sent me this. Poor quality video, but a cool ending.

impudent strumpet said...

OMG! That was so awesome, but my heart just broke at the beginning when he was caught in the fence but his tail was still wagging!

Also, it seems my guy's a repeat offender.

Also, speaking of Tala, could your dogs smell the wolf puppies on you, and if so what did they think?

L-girl said...

my heart just broke at the beginning when he was caught in the fence but his tail was still wagging!

I know!! Dogs. Dogs dogs dogs, they are so friggin awesome.

Also, it seems my guy's a repeat offender.

OMG! Hilarious. The wonder is that dog is in one piece. It looks like he patrols an area where cars go slowly enough for him to create havoc without being smushed. He is a real devil!

Also, speaking of Tala, could your dogs smell the wolf puppies on you, and if so what did they think?

Tala was VERY interested when we got home. She smelled our shoes and our pants with great intensity and concentration for a long time. She wasn't upset or freaked out, just sniffing and sniffing and sniffing.

If we're at the home of friends who have dogs, she sniffs for a few seconds, then is satisfied and stops. This went on and on.

I wish I could know what she was thinking.

(Only Tala, Cody doesn't do things like that.)

Amy said...

Tala: Were they with another dog? Wait, maybe it was a cat? It sort of smells like a dog, no, a cat. Uh oh, what the hell were they doing? Where is it? What is it? People---you just never know what they are thinking or doing. Oh, well, they are here now. Who cares where they were?

L-girl said...

Since this seems to be the thread for random dog wonderfulness, here's another