victory!!! pride toronto will be censorship free!!

The text came in at our war resisters meeting tonight: Pride Toronto has reversed its decision on censoring the words Israeli Apartheid. This is a major victory for freedom of expression, for justice - and for common sense.

And now I can't write anymore, because also at our meeting, my friends surprised me with champagne and a beautiful gift to celebrate my new Canadian citizenship. I'm a bit tipsy and will soon be more so.

Whoo-hoo! Time to celebrate.


WILLY said...

Congratulations to you on your citizenship and congratulations to us on having you as a new citizen.


johngoldfine said...

I read that the Chicago Cubs will have a float in the Chicago gay pride parade and that Ernie Banks will be there.

I don't know if we've come a long way, but some days it feels like we've come a little way at least.

L-girl said...

@Willy, thank you. :)

@John, is that true? Wow! That's very cool. Good on the Cubs. Smart.

I do think we've come a long way. 30 years ago Pride was a radical idea that cities feared would spoil their image. Now Pride itself was worried about losing corporate sponsorship (!) and its one of Toronto's great tourist attractions.

Of course, in Canada it's a little easier to say we've come a long way than in the US on this point. It's not just same-sex marriage, although that's indicative of the difference.

So maybe you're right. In the US, we've come a little way.

johngoldfine said...

Googling 'Ernie Banks gay pride parade' seems to confirm it with multiple, independently-attested stories. Looks like the Blackhawks are going to parade the Stanley Cup too!

johngoldfine said...

Long Way Dept., Lone Star Division:

Texas Republicans want to make gay marriage a felony and to re-criminalize sodomy (apparently not realizing that sodomy covers a number of amusing practices people of many persuasions and inclinations like to dabble in behind closed doors--not just homosexuals....)

L-girl said...

Yay Chicago! Boo Texas.

Apply as needed.

L-girl said...

Yeah, the whole sodomy thing... You have to wonder what they're thinking.

Or you have to avoid wondering what they're thinking, according to your own inclinations.