happy birthday from xena and gabrielle!

Birthdays are a time for indulgence.

My partner and best friend knows I feel this way, and he indulges me.

Today I spent the whole day - a day I am normally at work - sitting on my patio, reading Little Dorrit and playing with my dogs. Well, watching Cody sleep and playing with Tala.

Now I have just poured myself a glass of wine and am sitting down to watch Episode 1, Season One, of "Xena Warrior Princess". Next to Dallas, this is my favourite junk food for the brain. Really, I like it better than Dallas, because I have a thing for Gabrielle. Plus I love the hodge-podge mythology and I get to see New Zealand.

I don't usually do the "look what I got for my birthday" thing, but I am so excited about owning the entire Xena series that I had to post about it!

There was also Rocky & Bullwinkle, a book by a war resister, and big stack of music. I rarely buy myself anything, then Allan makes up for it all at once.

Now back to Xena!


Stephanie said...

Oh this is way toooooo funny!! You may have to bring those to London when you come...LOL. :)

L-girl said...

I know! I watched 4 episodes last night and only stopped because I was falling asleep.

Ferdzy said...

Belated happy birthday!

redsock said...