putting things in perspective

When I was a child, I had a book called How Big Is Big?. Is your big brother big? Is an elephant big? A redwood tree? A whale? A mountain? The ocean? The Earth? Jupiter?

The second half of the book asked "How small is small?" A baby? A puppy? A grain of rice? Bacteria? An atom? And so forth.

Obviously the book meant to stimulate a young mind to ask, "Compared to what?" and to think about perspective.

Here's an updated, visual version of the same idea. Amazing stuff: The Scale of the Universe. Click, then click "play".


L-girl said...

I found this, but it's not the book. This book would have to be from the 1950s (if it was originally one of my sibling's) or the early 1960s, if it was originally mine.

Kim_in_TO said...

Fascinating. Except - the average size of a snowflake = 1 cm?

A Conformer said...

Thanks! That was great! I just had my Intro to Chemistry exam today, so a lot of the "small" half is very much on my mind.