non-human animals showing us the way

Love is all there is
it makes the world go 'round
love and only love
it can't be denied.
- Bob Dylan

Have you seen the orangutan and the hound dog?

And in case you missed it the first time I posted it, more cross-species love.


L-girl said...

Stephanie, thank you for sending the orangutan vid. Like you, I can't stop smiling over it!

impudent strumpet said...

Now I'm sitting here grinning uncontrollably and giggling like an idiot!

I love how the orang keeps tumbling and playing like a child!

(I also love how the fact that the orang was riding an elephant is completely marginal to the story)

L-girl said...

I also love how the fact that the orang was riding an elephant is completely marginal to the story

I know! Last night, we were talking about animals, and a friend said he saw an amazing video. "An oragutan is riding on an elephant, and he sees a dog, and he jumps off the elephant to hug the dog...".

Then he talked about the dog and orangutan, how they loved each other, how amazing that was.

And I'm sitting there going, "Riding on an elephant? Could you back up a minute? Did I hear that right?"

This man thought the two animals had known each other in a past life.

Stephanie said...

My favorite scene...orangutan feeding hound puts the biscuit in his own mouth and then grabs the hound by the snout and puts the biscuit in the hound's mouth...it's love.

Still grinning.

David Cho said...


I wonder where it was filmed. They were riding the elephant through what looks like a typical suburban neighborhood in the States! I don't thin you are allowed to do that here.

Then they were thinking that the dog would go back to its "pack," not to the owner.

David Cho said...

The other video (elephant and dog) is great too. I saw that.

Have you seen the video of my cat playing with a dog? It's on my FB page.

Dogs love everybody :).

L-girl said...

I think the elephant/orang/dog video was from a wildlife refuge in India, although I'm not certain.

Dogs love everybody :).

Heh, not all dogs. Tala is extremely prey-driven. She looks like a shepherd, but the husky in her is dominant - she wants to chase and kill.

David Cho said...

I know.

Noah killed a crow minding its own business. Also killed a bunch of sparrows.

It was extremely unsettling when he did it, but people tried to assure me that it was "natural."

L-girl said...

Well, they were right, it was natural. Doesn't make it pleasant, but it's got to be natural, Noah couldn't act any other way.

In Tala's first week with us, she killed a bird. It was awful. But she hasn't had the opportunity again! They know better now.

After she killed it, something very strange happened. I don't have time now... maybe Allan does or I'll come back later.

David Cho said...

This shows that there are things in their world which only they are privy to, just as we humans have our own. Biologists can study animals for another 100 years without completely unlocking their world.

I think we just have to respect them for who they are.

David Cho said...

Allan, please share the story :)