zerbisias on super bowl ad double standard, nnaf on better use for your money

If you read only one piece on this year's Super Bowl advertising hypocrisy, make it Antonia Zerbisias.

I read this on Facebook, copied with permission:
Pro-choice people have better use for their money!

By now most of you have probably heard about the anti-choice ad CBS plans to run during the Super Bowl. Multiple media sources have reported that the segment will cost sponsors Focus on the Family $2.5 million.

Here at NYAAF, we have been wondering: what kind of non-profit has an extra $2.5 million lying around to spread misinformation to sports fans? How, we wonder, was such an expense justified to their individual supporters and their board?

While extra cash lying around has never been our problem, neither has irresponsible spending. Our pledge to our supporters remains true: %100 of your tax-deductible donations go directly to helping women obtain abortions they need but cannot afford. Our board is %100 volunteer and our personal donations as board members cover all overhead costs.

In light of the high profile madness stirring around what will air on TV next weekend, we thought we'd reach out to you now and ask you to join us in a fundraising campaign. Because we know PRO-CHOICE PEOPLE HAVE BETTER USE FOR THEIR MONEY. Instead of $2.5 million on a Super Bowl ad, consider donating $25 or $250 to help break down barriers in women's access to abortion.

Help us take this campaign viral! Make a donation today and make post it to your wall or change your status to say: "$2.5 million on a Super Bowl ad? Pro-choice people have better use for their money!"

I'm about to donate myself.

National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF)


L-girl said...

It seems the gay dating service ad is in the will-they-won't-they stage. Link.

L-girl said...

Nope, it was rejected. Would be pretty amazing if they ran that, tho.

redsock said...

You can see it here.

L-girl said...

I watched the ad earlier, too. Can you imagine ever seeing that on US TV, never mind during a sports event?


redsock said...

It's a pretty lame ad -- though I know that's not the point. Damn liberal CBS.

CanNurse said...

Thanks for your great post referencing AZ's great post! Wonder if you could also link to the Canadian Coalition for Abortion Rights for Canadian donations. Thanks.

PS I have no professional connection with the org. at all. Just sharing for Canadian readers.

L-girl said...

Thanks for the link! Just to be clear, NNAF is not an organization for abortion rights. It's an organization that funds abortions. It helps low-income women and girls who want to terminate pregnancies but cannot afford to.

I support all abortion-rights work, everywhere, but I'd rather keep that link as it is.

Thanks for your understanding.