why do people watch awards shows?

Why do people watch award shows? Seriously, what is the appeal? Ideas, conjecture and idle speculation welcome.


impudent strumpet said...

I don't often watch them, but when I do it's usually because I'm cheering for and/or have a crush on the host and/or one or more nominees. Back in the olden days I watched them for the dresses too, but now I just look at pictures on the internet the next day.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Not a clue.

Greg said...

You can tell what an event is really about by watching highlight reels. Therefore, hockey is about scoring and fighting. Golf is about long putts and holes-in-one.

By that logic, awards shows are about slandering women for their choices in clothing and seeing who got embarrassingly drunk.

Jere said...

I very rarely watch them, but I can tell you why I watched the most recent one I watched: Ricky Gervais was hosting, and I like him, so I considered it a 3-hour Gervais stand-up act with LOTS of interruptions (at which point I often turned to something else or played Tecmo Super Bowl on my laptop).

As for other people, I think it's the same reason they watch "reality" shows: They (have to) know it's stupid, but they hear all their idiot co-workers talking about it and don't want to be left out. So...peer pressure, really.

(Or maybe it's the same reason people raise their hand in class and then say "I don't know" when called on--I'm lookin' at YOU, Chrystal Ocean! harhar)

L-girl said...

Two for enjoying the host on some level, something I never thought of.

One for peer pressure, the reason that long ago I watched the Super Bowl.

Greg's idea is funny, a good joke, but can't really be true, because baseball isn't about home runs. I think highlights are for people who don't watch the game itself.

deang said...

I haven't watched them in years, and especially hate the best-dressed/worst-dressed fascination, but when I was around age 12 and succumbing to peer pressure in a big way for the first time, I honestly felt like I was watching something historical - "In 1965, the Oscar was won by so-and-so. In 1973, by so-and-so. This year, it will be ...". I listened to the year-end top-100 songs countdown they used to have on radio back then for the same reason.

Amy said...

I watch very few and fewer every year, but I can admit to a few reasons that I used to like them: 1) they tend to be the only live things on TV (aside from sports), so there is always that sense that anything can happen (but so rarely does that I now find them incredibly boring), 2) you have a chance to see celebrities out of role---what they might really be like (again, now I realize it's all an act anyway--nothing is "real"), and 3)I used to care which movie/TV show/performer won the award. I rarely care now.

I watched the first hour of the Grammy awards---so boring and annoying---plus I hated the music.

Dharma Seeker said...

I LOVE a number of the artists performing this year. Beyonce, Pink, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga. I didn't watch because of the blatant pimping out of Michael Jackson's kids for ratings. Also I mistakenly thought that the anti-choice commercial was airing during the Grammys but I believe it is in fact the Superbowl (which I never watch anyway). So I missed the performances of my favourite artists because I'm a dope.

L-girl said...

These comments are very enlightening.

Amy and DS are like ambassadors from another planet!

(Only in this context, of course.)