this just in: there is an opposition

Ignatieff tells caucus to report to work.

Liberal MPs and senators will return to work as scheduled in the nation's capital later this month, even though Parliament has been suspended until early March.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff informed his caucus during a conference call Tuesday that he expects them to report for work on Jan. 25.

He told caucus members they can't let Prime Minister Stephen Harper get away with shutting down Parliament and stifling debate.

The move is intended to capitalize on what Liberal strategists believe is a groundswell of public opposition to Mr. Harper's decision to prorogue Parliament until March 3.

"We think there's lots of work to do even if the government doesn't," said one Liberal involved in the call.

Dear attempted commenter who said if I knew anything about Canadian politics, I would know this was impossible: fuck you. Go tell it to Andrew Coyne.

Dear John Ivison, who said there is no groundswell of public opinion against prorogation: that's wishful thinking.

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who said Canadians don't care about the tortured detainees: you'll see. This won't go away. And if we don't care, why won't you show us the unredacted documents?


redsock said...

Amazing to see even a little backbone from Ignatieff. The Star:


Still, Liberals want to avoid anything that might be dismissed as a partisan stunt. To that end, insiders say there'll be no mock Parliament or banging on the padlocked doors of the House of Commons.

Rather, they'll do things like hold roundtable discussions with experts on a variety of issues in a bid to show Liberal MPs and senators busy constructively addressing the issues that matter most to Canadians.

The insider said Liberals are also open to continuing unofficial hearings into the treatment of Afghan detainees, provided all opposition parties work together to ensure the hearings don't devolve into "an overtly partisan event."


L-girl said...

That's in the story I posted too - must be from Cdn Press.

DJN said...

Great, now Harper has a great foil to slander his anti-prorogue opponents. Iggy is a liability whether parliament is in session or not. I can't believe it took him a week to do something. Some leadership...

L-girl said...

DJN, as this is your second comment here, would you mind identifying yourself a little?

Your profile is not available. I replied to your first comment, but you never responded, leading me to believe you are "hit and run".

Ignatieff is a terrible leader and not liberal at all. But this is still welcome news.

Anonymous said...

this just in: there is an opposition

And in a related story, Hell froze over this morning.

Seriously, the Libs need to see this time off as an opportunity to dump Iggy. You thought Dion was bad, Iggy is much worse.

redsock said...


Prorogation seems to be changing the way Canadians think about the federal Conservative government. ...

The [EKOS] poll released Thursday – poll of 1,744 Canadians, which was conducted on Jan. 4 and Jan. 5, suggests that just 33.1 per cent of voters would mark their ballots for the Conservatives if the election were held this week.

That's a drop of 2.8 per cent since December. And it means the Tory lead over the Liberals, which was as high as 15 percentage points in October, is now about 5.


L-girl said...

Also in G&M, Laurence Martin:

Harper's given them two months of free target practice:

The question is how many times he can tempt fate and get away with it. What he's doing in avoiding a scheduled return to Parliament is putting his fundamental flaw, his autocratic arrogance, on parade.

Anonymous said...

The question is how many times he can tempt fate and get away with it. What he's doing in avoiding a scheduled return to Parliament is putting his fundamental flaw, his autocratic arrogance, on parade.

Those of us who think Harper is a dickweed can take heart: Time and again he has shown that he can't seal the deal. He gets within striking distance of a majority and then does something stupid to give back all of the ground he gained, even to fellow dickweeds Dion and Iggy. He did it before the last election with his anti-Quebec arts comments (the big gains the Cons were making there were erased practically overnight), he did it again weeks afterward (had to prorogue Parliament to avoid losing an NCV) and he's doing it now. At some point the party is going to wake up and ol' Stevie will suddenly decide that he wants to spend more time with his family.

L-girl said...

I agree, MY. When people predict a Con majority, I remember that they couldn't even get one against Dion, and that was likely their best shot.

At the same time, it's SO frustrating that the Libs suck so bad! If we had any kind of strong Liberal party, we'd all be confidently predicting the end of Stephen Harper's political career.

NOW is the time for a Lib-NDP coalition, yet we have zero hope of seeing one. It's frustrating.

Anonymous said...

This is one thing America and Canada do have in common: Both countries have the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.

Reason No. 2,167 to move to Canada: It has other choices that keep the Evil and Stupid Parties in check.

L-girl said...

I think the Democrats are Evil, too. They are complicit in every bit of evil in that country.

Plus, the Libs are stupid right now, but that has not been the case historically. The party of Trudeau and Chretien was not stupid.

But where are they now???

L-girl said...

CBC: Harper has 'crazy way' of running democracy: Ignatieff

It's a good story, minus this:

Ignatieff stopped short of threatening to bring the government down, saying Canadians don't want an opposition that operates with threats.

"I've gotten a very clear message from Canadians: do your darn job, lower the volume, do what you are elected to do," he said.

If Ignatieff lowered the volume any further, we'd all need hearing aids to listen!

But we may see a spring election anyway, even without the threat.