quick personal note of the usual variety

Between schoolwork and the event I've been planning, plus my usual campaign duties, blogging has had to take a back seat. I have a long list of topics to write about, and it really irks me when I can't get to any of them!

I think I've been posting something like this every few days. How boring.

Plus, guess what, we have to find a new weekend dogwalker. No crazy drama or disappearances this time, she's just moving on. The wonderful Dharma Seeker will be filling in until we find someone new. But responding to emails and interviewing takes time, and time is in short supply.


Amy said...

That's too bad about the dog walker. She seemed like a keeper. Good luck with the hunt. I know how aggravating this can be.

L-girl said...

Thanks. It's not too bad - it's an ongoing process for us.

The aggravating times are when people have disappeared or abandoned the dogs without notice. By comparison this is just business.

Dharma Seeker said...

If it takes longer to find someone that's fine :) I can look after them until you find someone great.

L-girl said...

We are so lucky for that!