must-watch tv: global 16:9 on u.s. war resisters in canada

Last night, Global's "16:9" show included a segment on US war resisters in Canada. It is absolutely brilliant.

Please watch! And please circulate.


redsock said...

Most of the first few comments are from ignorant people, so you may want to avoid them. Or not. ... I actually replied, which I never, ever, ever do.


This piece is amazing. Maybe toughen up some of the narration here and there and it sounds like the campaign wrote it!

L-girl said...

I took a quick peek and did the same thing. Perhaps others will do the same.

I also never, ever do... except when I do. :)

Boyd M L Reimer said...

This is a great video!

I especially like this quote from
Michelle Robidoux:

"....the government should not impose its minority view on the rest of Canadians."

Ironically, I watched her say these words only 24 hours after coming from a demonstration of approx. 28,000 Canadians across Canada protesting against too much of exactly that kind of "minority imposition."

Thanks for posting the link.

Your link and this video act like shining lights to expose the truth that Kenney didn't want to speak to when asked by Global TV.

Cornelia said...

Thanks so much for sharing Laura and for the warning Allan.