canadians against proroguing parliament on facebook

CBC reports that more than 33,000 Canadians have joined the Facebook group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. (Right now, it's almost 36,000.) (Update: 48,500 now!) (Upperdate: 57,000!)

Then they ask a few rather biased parties for reaction.

Pollsters: This is not as good as what we do!

John Ivison, National Post: This is not a groundswell of public opinion!

CBC wingnut commenters: Facebook is stupid!

But the numbers continue to climb. I generally get frustrated with "Facebook activism," but this is a good use for Facebook. Each person counts, no one can be counted twice*, and the media's obsession with social networking sites guarantees that word gets around.

On the Canadians Against Prorogation - Rally for the Cause page, rallies are planned in:
St John's
Thunder Bay
Quebec City

That's a lot of places! Will turnout show me that Canadians care about their democracy more than I know? I can only hope. And organize.

* Although you could have two Facebook pages under two different names, it very would be difficult to bother with that.


Chrystal Ocean said...

I'm not a joiner by nature and rarely sign up to groups or 'fan' a page on Facebook. For this group, I became a joiner. ;-)

Mike said...

Hopefully this time Harper has gone to far for most Canadians to ignore.

L-girl said...

I hope so... but I doubt it. Proroguing Parliament last year to avoid losing the confidence of the House was even more abhorrent, but he got away with that, and that emboldened him for this one.

But it does look like more people are angry. So I hope to be wrong.

Paladiea said...

46,000 people now...

Anonymous said...

In his first televised appearance since invoking prorogation of Parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper sits down with CBC's chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge in Ottawa airing January 5th on The National at 9 p.m. ET. I find this very undemocratic. The 3 opposition parties should have the same opportunity on the same night under the same circumstances.

What does the CBC stand for? The CBC should be filling the VOID for Democracy?

Instead CBC stands for the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation?

Dennis Rohel
North Vancouver

L-girl said...

I hope you've told CBC how you feel, not just us!

Stephanie said...

WOW 52,200!! (At 11pm) and growing!

Oh and this poll
from the CBC:

L-girl said...

This morning it's past 57,000 and the poll is going strong, too. I hope a good many of these people come out on Jan 23.

redsock said...

this poll from the CBC

Just voted and:

No - 6005 (92%)
Yes - 467 (7%)
Not Sure - 49 (1%)

ilovepower said...

Certain people count like if you had a PC card,you are counted.Why can you clear stuff with the people.This is good when you want something for yourself ,no sorry this is queen Harper.I can stop it whenever i want to.

Dharma Seeker said...

as of yesterday there is a rally planned in Oakville too!