art clokey, 1921-2010


Art Clokey.

I'm a big fan.


johngoldfine said...

I don't think I've ever seen Gumby, though I do remember Eddie Murphy's SNL version....

L-girl said...

No? I loved him. The show itself was ridiculous, but I loved the way the figures moved, the sound effects, the voices. I still think the crude stop-motion claymation is terrific.

L-girl said...

Gumby on Wiki

I have a Gumby in the kitchen. I think he's been there since I first had my own place.

MSEH said...

Never seen Gumby??

I have to confess liking Davey & Goliath as a kid. Never knew there was a "Gumby-connection" there!

As always, I can count on L-girl to keep me up to speed on what's happening out in the world! :-)

deang said...

I loved the old stop-motion animation, too. The figures often seemed more "grounded," better integrated into their background, than some present-day computer animation, where characters often seem to me to be superimposed on a background, never really touching the ground.

I didn't know about the Gumby and Pokey-Davy and Goliath connection either! No wonder they showed the two shows together on Sunday mornings when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s.

A pointless memory: A college roommate and I used to refer to Gumby and Pokey as Gumbry and Pokebry back in the 80s, and I still think of them that way.