somebody's child, a short film about peace

Please watch this wonderful film, featuring my dear friend, war resister Kim Rivera, and someone else, who is no friend of Kim's.

The whole thing is about 13 minutes. Please watch.

Part I:

Part II:

Support Bill C-440


deang said...

Thank you for that.

Boyd M L Reimer said...

There is a poignant irony here....

...The kind of irony that Shakespeare's jesters exhibit when they fake madness.

... The jester is always the sharpest critic during their rants of "madness."

Speaking of "madness," in January of this year, Chris Teske wrote about what motivated him to come to Canada: He said, that it was his only option because all around him was a [pro-war] "sea of madness."

It is interesting that the year 2009 began with those words, and now 2009 is ending with this video which so accurately portrays a few of the droplets in the "sea of madness."

Unfortunately for Chris, some waves in that "sea of madness" are beginning to wash over the Canada....evidenced by the fact that Canada deported him.

Did I say "beginning to?" Sorry, I take it back --especially after reading Yves Engler's new book: The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy.

If the people in the beginning of the video would read that book, then they would see Canada very differently.

The best part about Engler's book -- and this video-- is that they remind us of this:...

We can never become complacent about the past reputation of Canada. The minute we do so, we soon find ourselves living in the belly of the beast.

Cornelia said...

Oh, it's about Kimberly? Then I will check it out!!