huffpo: best protest signs of the year

[redsock guest post]

A few of the Huffington Post's Funniest Protest Signs of 2009:

More signs here.

None of them can top this classic, though.

Who is this guy? The protest was in Missouri and one of his possible co-workers posted here in 2005 -- but this now-famous sign-holder has apparently never been identified.


L-girl said...

When Allan sent me the "no pubic option" sign, the first thing I thought was, That's this year's "Get a life, Morans" !!

My favourite is definitely "citation needed". I'd like to send it to all my grad school classmates.

James said...

"Citation needed" is almost certainly a reference to this xkcd comic strip (xkcd is notorious for inspiring readers to act out strips in real life).

The "Get a life" photo is a favourite of Toronto biochemist blogger Larry Moran of Sandwalk.

L-girl said...

Yes, I thought of the xkcd strip, too. It's perfect for those bible-quoters.

Perfect for a guy named Moran!

impudent strumpet said...

I wonder what the theological basis for the 4th guy's objection to "sports nuts" is?