the harper government drags canada through the mud, and it stinks

It's been quite a week for our ill-esteemed government.

Jason Kenney admitted that KAIROS was de-funded for purely political reasons.

Stephen Harper wasn't invited to the emergency closing meeting in Copenhagen, as Canada won its third consecutive Fossil of the Year "award".

Richard Colvin proved what we all knew: that Peter MacKay has been lying all along, and the government both knew about the torture of detainees and conspired to cover it up.

We learned that Canadian military police have been investigating Canadian troops for credible allegations of torture for more than a year.

And the rumour about another prorogation was just that.*

Who will bring Canada back from this insanity?

* Update. I've been informed that this is incorrect. Harper can still ask to prorogue.


Scott M. said...

There is no limit on when they can prorogue. I still suspect it will happen prior to the end of the scheduled break.

L-girl said...

Oh! I thought if it had hadn't by now, it was not happening.

I don't think it's going to. Last time he had the (trumped-up) excuse of the coalition. How is he going to spin it this time? I don't see it happening.

But most people I know think it will happen, so I realize I could be completely misreading the situation.

Scott M. said...

Here's the reason he would do it... the senate will have some positions open in the new year. Harper can then appoint new Conservative senators and have a majority in the senate.

The problem is with "in-flight" legislation in the Senate. By proroguing, everything "resets" and they can use their sentatorial majority to push through bills.

Now this will be his excuse, but prorogation need only be for one day, not a month or whathaveyou. There is no reason to postpone the new session or interrupt the Special Committee for Afghanistan's work.

L-girl said...

Well, the rumour is that he'll prorogue until after the Olympics end.

impudent strumpet said...

My first thought when reading that article (the one on prorogation) was of trying to play games with my sister when we were kids, and how she'd insist on a do-over at the slightest excuse.

L-girl said...

The latest on prorogation watch.