elegy for a glove

I had some gloves.

They were the best gloves I ever had.

They fit so perfectly. They were warm. They slid on and off easily. They were lightweight.

I loved them.

They were the best gloves I ever had.

They looked like this, but they were gray, and lined with Thinsulate, and didn't have that non-skid stuff on the palm sides.

Once I left them behind. But I knew where I left them, and went back to the store, and a nice person had them behind the counter! Hooray!

Then the following winter, I left them behind again. But again, I knew where they were, and I raced back, and there they were, waiting for me. My trusty gloves.

This was their fourth winter. You know you're pushing your luck when your gloves have lasted three winters!

Two weeks ago, coming home from work, I took them off to get out my keys and my money. I went inside, but my gloves stayed in the cab.

I called the cab company. They called the driver. But alas, this time, my gloves were lost.

Where were these gloves from? How could I find them again?

I went to the mall. I hate the mall. I searched through the gloves. There were hundreds of them. In piles. In disarray. I was too warm. I was hungry. I had a headache. I couldn't find the gloves I want.

In store after store, my search continued. Where are you, oh my gloves? Where could you be?

I went home. I was annoyed.

Ah-ha! Later that day, I remembered where those wonderful gloves came from. I bought them online! I ordered them on a whim, while ordering other things, from one of the stores I frequent online. Hurrah! L.L. Bean or Lands End would save the day.

But alas, it was not to be. All the gloves in my size in any colour I would wear are all sold out.

I am sad.

There are other gloves I could buy. Many others. But I hate buying something I don't really like. And they won't be as good.

Now I'm using an old pair. They're warm, but they're difficult.

I miss my gloves.

Boo hoo.


L-girl said...

I'm expecting a comment from a certain reader about how she loses things all the time...

L-girl said...

Also, the following night, after a horrendous trip home (lurching, overheated, noisy, stuck in traffic, generally gross), the bus lurched, my Loblaws bag went flying, and little did I know, my travel-case of CDs left the bag.

I didn't realize it until I got home and unpacked and immediately realized the CDs were gone.

Called GO, couldn't talk to anyone, got recordings, was panicked... and feeling horrible because I had just lost my gloves the night before!!

As instructed, I left a message with GO lost and found. The next day, they called: my CD case was there.

The following day, my last day of school, I popped into Union Station to recover my CDs.


While I was there, I asked about my gloves, hoping...

But no. No gloves.

Amy said...

I can't count the number of pairs of gloves I have lost (though I don't know if I am the reader to whom you referred!). I especially hate losing ONE glove. Do you hold on to it in hopes that the other will return? If so, for how long? Somehow in our move, the one thing that seems to have been lost was the bag that had my scarf, hat, and, of course, my gloves. I have replaced all three. So far I have not lost them. So far.

I also always lose sunglasses. I wear the kind that clip over your glasses since otherwise I would be losing expensive prescription ones. I lost two pairs in the last four months. So I recently bought two pairs---one for each car so I could minimize the risks of losing a pair by moving them from car to car. And then just two days ago, one of the pairs I had "lost" turned up. Now I have THREE pairs. Hmmm....

My condolences on your gloves. May they rest in peace. Somewhere.

johngoldfine said...

You know what Shakespeare said about this 'losing' phenomenon:

Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste,
Sans gloves, sans CDs,
Sans Bay, sans Lowell,
Sans everything

L-girl said...

And there she is! :)

L-girl said...

though I don't know if I am the reader to whom you referred!

You absolutely were!

L-girl said...

Gee thanks John. :)

L-girl said...

Amy, do you wear glasses all the time? (I don't remember.) If so, have you thought about getting the kind that transition from regular to sunglasses? They alleviate the lost sunglass issue, because your sunglasses are always on your face. But obviously it only works if you need glasses all the time.

Amy said...

Aw, gee, at least I am famous for something! (Also for being able to block out annoying noise/chatter on TV and forgetting most everything that happened before the last five minutes and having very dated taste in music!)

Good luck finding a replacement pair that you love as much!

L-girl said...

It's so funny, the things we all know about each other from gamethreads. Like when I was writing about my computer decisions, I knew you would say that you don't like typing on a netbook... and you knew I would say that I don't mind the small keyboard.

If we're still gamethreading 10 years from now, we'll be like that old joke about the old comedians: "number ten...", "twenty-four..."...

Amy said...

I do wear glasses all the time and once considered the transitional type (I think that's what they call them, but maybe that's what they call the lenses that transition from near-sightedness to far-sightedness, which I do have). Harvey had those back in the 1970s, and he did not like them. They took too long to go to dark from light and vice versa, and they always had a slight tint even indoors. I know that they have improved them since then, but I am suspect. Hard to get me to change my ways!

Amy said...

Yes, gamethreads are sort of like hanging out at camp or in the dorms together. Without realizing it, you start to know the quirks, likes and dislikes, and obsessions of lots of people just by being around them in a casual but constant sort of way.

L-girl said...

There's "progressives" and "transitions" - progressives are the near-sighted/far-sighted thing and "transitions" are the sunglass thing. Mine are both.

You're judging something by Harvey's experience in the 1970s?? Think of how much has changed since then.

Even in the last 10 years, the transitions technology has improved hugely.

I've worn transitions for about 25 years, and they've gotten much better over time - they change faster, get darker, etc. It would be foolish not to try them because of what they were like 30 years ago.

Amy said...

Haha, yes, like I said, I am hard to change. Hey, I am still with the same guy since the 1970s despite all the changes in the world (and in us)! But you are right---I should consider them, next time I need a new pair of glasses. I am certainly not going to buy a new pair just to switch to transitions, not at the cost of glasses these days.

And yes, progressives. Isn't it nice to have to wear something that is called "progressive"? They could have called them something much more distasteful.

L-girl said...

Well, I'm with the same guy, too, but hopefully that's not because we're afraid of change!

Re progressives, I think that just means our eyesight is getting progressively worse. :)

Glasses are so expensive, it's insane. Progressives + transitions really adds to the cost of the lenses. But my eyes are extremely light-sensitive, so for me it's a must. Maybe on your next pair.

Amy said...

Yes, definitely not because we are afraid of change. You need to change and grow if you are going to survive 30 plus years and more together. But there is something to be said for consistency and constancy as well (except perhaps with respect to keeping the same players on baseball teams, apparently).

johngoldfine said...

More on losing: we have a slipper dog and we have a sock dog.

The slipper dog deals with anxiety by picking up a slipper and carrying it around, sometimes onto the porch, sometimes (slipping by the gatekeeper) outside. So there we are stomping around in a single slipper or wearing mismatched slippers threatening Timmie with terrible punishments if that damned slipper doesn't appear pretty darned fast. Usually they do, but once we found a moccasin out on top of a pile of haybales, months after it had gone missing.

The sock dog is not so much anxious as deeply enamored of and maternal towards any loose socks, particularly ones that have just recently been shed and which are still warm and redolent. She nests with them on the couch or behind the woodstove and snarls or growls at any other dog who comes within 15 feet of her and her treasures. I have a pile of eight or ten singleton socks just waiting for those little disappeared 'puppy' socks to reappear.

Amy said...

What sweet dogs! But John, are you sure you aren't just blaming the dogs for losing these things yourselves?

(Also, I firmly believe that washing machines and dryers eat socks...which reminds me, what did you decide to do about your dryer, Laura?)

redsock said...

When we were in Peru, we stayed at a place that had two German Shepherds. Once we started giving the young one attention, he was around a lot! At one point while we were inside our cabin, he ran off with one of L's socks from inside her sneakers outside the door and put it in his doghouse. We didn't even know it was missing until one of the employees brought it back.


L-girl said...

Oh Nick the dog!! We were sad to leave him! The other dog was winding down. Also blind!

John, that is so sweet.

Amy, dryer/computer answers in that older post.

Amy said...

Found it! Glad you got the dryer.

And given my track record with laptops, a used laptop that lasts at least two years is a bargain.

L-girl said...

I realized that the longevity of my laptops may be because they are ThinkPads. They're not typical consumer computers - they retail for upwards of $5,000, so they have a big resale market.

Right now I'm leaning towards buying a new IdeaPad, Lenovo's new netbook. (See link in "Swoopo" thread.) They're the new generation of netbooks - still very small and light, but better keyboard and only $350.

It's between that and another used (but newer) ThinkPad.

Dryer we pick up tonight. :)

redsock said...

Tomorrow night, unless I am stopping by at 12:45 AM or so!

L-girl said...

Uh, yes. I hope I didn't scare M@!

Dharma Seeker said...

I've lost an unfortunate number of beloved gloves (singles and pairs) because I take them off and put them in my lap when I drive. When I reach my destination I forget all about them, get out of the car and leave my beloved glove(s) on a frosty driveway or parking lot. :( Some of them had sentimental value too because they were gifts. You'd think I'd learn. I also leave my cell phone behind in stores at least once a month. I'm getting ready to resort to "idiot strings".

Amy said...

Thanks, Dharma Seeker---it makes me feel better to know I am not the only one! (Although I lose lots of things, fortunately I haven't yet lost a cell phone, though I have "misplaced" it in the house or car or office many times.)

Scanner said...

I too left my gloves in a cab :(
BUT they were from Home Depot (!!?) and only cost $6.00. They were black and thinsulate and fit me perfectly. I hope they still have some

Dharma Seeker said...

Haha Amy! Two days ago I was biking home from my parents house and I noticed a cell phone on the ground in three pieces. I pedaled a few more feet and thought waaaait a minute. That looked like my phone. I doubled back, put it back together, powered it on and sure enough it was my phone. I didn't even know it was gone! It must have fallen out of my pocket when I was cycling!

Amy said...

A late coda to all this: Today I lost a glove. Somewhere between the store and the car, it disappeared. It doesn't help that I am walking in a cast, but that's no excuse. Anyway, I immediately thought of you and this post....

Misery loves company?

L-girl said...

Boo! :(