what's wrong with this picture? cbc headline misses the point

The headline reads, "Troops find 2.3 tonnes of marijuana in Afghan school".

But the first sentence of the story says, "Afghan and coalition troops found and destroyed nearly 2.3 tonnes of marijuana in an abandoned school in southern Afghanistan, while coalition troops killed four militants elsewhere in the south, officials said Sunday."

"Coalition troops killed four militants..."

If four Canadian soldiers were killed, you can bet your last nickel bag that it would be a more important headline than how much weed was found in a school.

I like the Canadian media's focus on Canadian deaths in Afghanistan. Those deaths are important, and it should be major news. But Afghan deaths in Afghanistan, caused by Canada's presence there, are equally important.

Unless we label them "militants". Then we don't have to care, right?

And, although every person's life and death is equally important, the Canadian Forces chose to be there. I hope and assume they knew the risks. The Afghans were given no such choice.

Out. Now.

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deang said...

They probably came up with the pot story to cover up what they feared might be a scandal, their killing of Afghans. And marijuana is traditionally used in that region. I'm not sure if it's currently legal or not under the US puppet occupiers, but pot has been used their for centuries and centuries, not a big deal at all. And if the impoverished Afghan people want to make money off selling it, they should be allowed. It's certainly healthier than the heroin that has experienced a resurgence under the US invasion.