it's a coup!

A coup! A power grab! They're in bed with filthy separatists. They're overturning an elected... blah blah blah.

See here.

But they clearly didn't read my acceptance speech, in which I stated:
It was a very tight contest, without a strong turnout, so I welcome a coalition with proportional representation.

Should I ask Saskboy to prorogue?

More importantly, how offended should I be that wmtc has been compared to the Harper Government?!


laura k said...

"Passing over Alberta blogs in favour of WMTC is sure to fire up the embers of western alienation. And WMTC didn't even acknowledge my existence in her post bragging about her win. We're tired of being treated like second class citizens! This is the biggest middle finger to Alberta since the NEP!" said Mr. Arnold.

Mistakes were made. Appropriate action has been taken against the staff aide who inadvertantly omitted Mr. Arnold's blog from the list of runners-up. However, no wrongdoing on the part of we move to canada is to be implied by this action, and don't say anything else or we'll sue your ass.

M@ said...

Wait wait wait -- does that mean that my vote is going to be thrown away!?

Clearly the only fair, democratic thing to do is suspend the CBA for two months.

laura k said...

Oy, enough already.

allan said...


LOWER CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we move to canada


patty said...

Better yet, send me a grainy/late video explaining your position.

laura k said...

Would you believe they are still at it?

I guess they read Redsock's comment, because it's lower case now.

Cute idea, but come on, the horse is dead, stop beating the poor thing.

Saskboy said...

Oops. I commented as Patty previously, she must have been signed in on my computer.