62% majority petition

If you haven't signed yet, please sign and circulate: Coalition for Change: 62% majority.

As bloggers and pundits declare the Liberal-NDP coalition dead, we must sidestep their cynicism. They are more concerned with making predictions than with making change. If we decide the idea is s dead and not worth fighting for, then dead it will be. The accord can only live if we are behind it.

Rally in Toronto and Montreal this weekend.

Sign the petition. This is a different petition from the one circulated by Canadians for A Progressive Coalition. Please sign both!

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Benjamin said...

Thinking more about recent USian political history, the analogy might not be to Bush v. Gore but rather to Jim Jeffords's switch in 2001 that threw the Senate to the Democrats. There wasn't anything illegal or unconstitutional about it, even though it'd never happened before. And then Bush screwed the pooch on 9/11 and the Dems lost the Senate again in 2002 and got cast into the political wilderness for a few years.

So I guess what I'm saying is don't let Bush be your president.

laura k said...

We have the occasional "floor crossing" (as it's known here) in Canada, when an MP changes from Liberal to Conservative or the reverse.

It's considered undemocratic but "part of the game" of politics - that's what people always tell me. People are very laid back about it, which baffles me. If that ever happened in my riding, I'd be irate.

Re proroguing Parliament, I don't know that there's any analogy to this in the US. For many US-to-Canada immigrants, waiting to find out if the HoC was prorogued felt like waiting for the Bush v Gore decision.

But now that it's happened, it's possible (probable? likely?) that Harper has only delayed the inevitable, bought himself some time for a PR campaign, but is going down at the end of January.