fundraising update

We are $980 shy of our goal. We need 98 people to donate $10 each.

This is frustrating because I know this blog has several hundred readers, and Allan's has thousands. Of course I know that everyone has their own money issues, and we are all asked for donations left and right. Still, I feel responsible for this one.

If you haven't donated yet, please consider giving $10 to help make life a bit easier for a woman with stage 4 breast cancer. If you have donated, I thank you truly.

Story here; pledge a donation here.


L-girl said...

Every time I post an update, another donation appears. THANK YOU!

(So all I have to do is post 979 more updates??)

L-girl said...

It's working! $2350 now.

Amy said...

Everyone should do it again if they can. I figure if everyone does it twice, it will be really easy to meet the goal. Bring lunch instead of buying a sandwich and a soda one day, and you can add to the total.

L-girl said...

Amy, that's beautiful.

I'll join you with our next paycheques.

David Heap said...

(So all I have to do is post 979 more updates??)

Nope, just 978 more. I pack a lunch most work days, but I'll skip the concession treats at the next movie I go to (sorry Steph!) and put that towards this worthy cause instead.

Good luck with this!

Amy said...

Question: what if we want our donations to go through even if the goal is not met? How do we do that?

L-girl said...

If we don't meet the goal, the project is automatically deleted. We can't do anything about that, to my knowledge.

I think most people want their donation to be used regardless, but with this method, we can't.

We'd have to set something else up, and everyone would have to do their donation again.

So for now I guess we have to focus on getting meeting our goal.

Amy said...

Hmm, ok, I guess we just have to hope that lots of people give money in the next ten days.