young me, now me

Have you seen this?

People submit a photo of themselves as a child, then a current photo of themselves in the same pose. There's something very touching about it.


Anonymous said...

How fun!

James said...

ZeFrank strikes again!

If you don't know ZeFrank, he's a blogger/vlogger who's pretty inventive with the medium. His the show with zefrank ran for a year and had a number of great "audience participation" events. My favourite was the "Earth Sandwich", in which he challenged his viewers to make an Earth sandwich -- two pieces of bread placed at exactly opposite sides of the Earth at the same time.

They had one within a week or two -- one slice in New Zealand, the other in Spain.

the show trivia: The introduction to this episode ("Good morning, Sports Racers! Knowledge is getting on the bus!") is by Jon from the family of Cobalt's sister Photon.