new york state will honour same-sex marriages

My home state moves closer to justice!
Gov. David A. Paterson has directed all state agencies to begin to revise their policies and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, like Massachusetts, California and Canada.

In a directive issued on May 14, the governor’s legal counsel, David Nocenti, instructed the agencies that gay couples married elsewhere "should be afforded the same recognition as any other legally performed union."

The revisions are most likely to involve as many as 1,300 statutes and regulations in New York governing everything from joint filing of income tax returns to transferring fishing licenses between spouses.

In a videotaped message given to gay community leaders at a dinner on May 17, Mr. Paterson described the move as "a strong step toward marriage equality." And people on both sides of the issue said it moved the state closer to fully legalizing same-sex unions in this state.

Nicely done, Governor Paterson!


Scott M. said...

He can unilaterally make that declaration??! Holy crap!

impudent strumpet said...

Transferring fishing licences? That is so random!

Radio said...

For Scottm:
He didn't "unilaterally" make that decision, the New York Civil Liberties Union litigated a marriage equality case in Rochester, NY, now known as the "Martinez Decision"
(see http://www.nyclu.org). All the Governor was doing was following the law.

According to the Court, just as any other marriage is recognized by the state of New York, same-sex marriage must be recognized as well. New York State has a non-discrimination Human Rights Law that protects sexual orientation.

Prior to the decision in Martinez, a same-sex couple married elsewhere could make few if any decisions legally for their partners.

This is a great reinforcement of the Courts decision. We are not tere yet, but definitely on our way to full marriage equality.

-And "Hip Hip Hooray for the War Resisters!" I am holding my breath till the vote!
Please keep us posted on the outcome!
Radio Civil Liberties

L-girl said...

John/Radio, thanks for the NY State info, and thanks for your support of the war resisters!

If you're in the US, please take a minute to visit Courage To Resist and send a letter to Canada through their "Dear Canada" campaign.

Radio said...

Hi I-girl:
I'm way ahead of you! I have personally been a long time supporter. As a combat vet and a member of VFP here in the states I was part of the group that organized "Peace Has No Borders" to support the resisters.
Thanks for all the work you do here.

L-girl said...

Excellent! Perhaps we have met at a peace or resisters event. I'm honoured you stopped by wmtc.

(It's L-girl, btw. Blogger's lower case view makes it look like an I. Or you can just call me Laura.)

Thanks for all your work as well.

Radio said...

Many apologies, Laura.
I forgot about the mutated-arial font that is Blogger.
Keep up the great work!

L-girl said...

No apologies needed, I assure you. Best of luck with all your work.