not yet

I don't think this law firm is going to offer me anything I want. I'm glad I met with them, though. They seem like a good place to work, and you never know what might open up in the future.

About the mysterious writing gig, Wrye asked:
What could it be?

Penthouse Letters? Prime Minister's Office? Juno Awards jokewriter? Incomplete Sentence Preservation Society? National Post corrections and accuracy department? The possibilities are limitless!
Indeed they are. But alas, the mystery will not be solved, as the interview was cancelled.

All I know is that an older man with a heavy Greek accent and a gruff, cigar-smoking voice, who has owned a restaurant in downtown Toronto for 47 years, is looking for a writer. I thought he might be looking for someone to ghost-write his memoirs, or a family history. I don't care that the interview was cancelled, but just tell me what the job was! We were so curious.