if canada ruled the world

If Canadians Ruled, a Photoshop contest at Worth1000.com.

Many thanks to James.


Carrie said...

Hee Hee That's pretty cool :)

Still, as a peace loving Canadian, I don't know if I could be comfortable living in a country that ruled the world. I don't think Canada could handle that. LOL We just want everyone to get along and play nice. No ruling anybody. At least, that's what I learned growing up. Then again, I may be completely stuck in the 50's and just don't know it. ;)

Crabbi said...

Very cool! This is my favorite, so far.

David Cho said...

Pretty cool stuff.

Now if Korea ruled the world.. You don't wanna know what is going on in my head. The dog joke is only the tip of an ice berg :)

L-girl said...

David, you are a model of discretion.

M@ said...

Actually, this was a little disappointing. There were a lot of entries that were just shaping things into maple leaves. Although the maple leaf is a popular enough motif, it's not as though we're obsessed with them.

The Tim Horton's references, however, were great. I ought to lead tours to the original Tim's in Hamilton.

Holly said...

This made me scream with laughter. So well done with plenty of references to Tim's of course. And we certainly could handle making this world a better place! I really enjoyed reading your entries.