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Dr Marco, who blogs here when he has time and sometimes comments on wmtc, is part of a great group blog called Porquois Pas?. The authors describe the site thusly: "A group of people striving for justice & peace for humankind, and respect for this planet & all its species."

Is this what's known as a mob blog? I have trouble seeing a mob as anything but the kind of inbreds who were stared down by Atticus Finch, so I'll stay with group blog for now. Anyway, go check it out.


Wmtc notes the passing of Andrea Dworkin at the much-too-young age of 58. Dworkin was a radical feminist, an author, an original thinker, and a tireless voice for the forgotten and the oppressed. Her work helped end the silence around violence against women.

Dworkin's writing was usually controversial; she was often caricatured and ridiculed in the mainstream. She didn't write for readers to nod their heads and turn the page. She wrote to provoke us to think differently. I didn't agree with everything she wrote, and that didn't change my admiration and respect for her. She made me think. She made me question.

To read more about Dworkin and her work, visit the Stop Family Violence website. By coincidence, there's a long quote from a speech Dworkin gave at the University of Toronto.

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