#elxn43: the choice is clear, as always: progressives who vote liberal are not progressive at all

Jagmeet Singh marching with striking hotel workers
in Vancouver.
For weeks now, I've ignored all commentary and punditry about the upcoming Canadian federal election. I feel that literally no one has anything new or interesting thing to say.

I ignored polls for weeks, too, knowing that they are pretty much proven to be bullshit every time out. But a few days ago, I caved, and now anxiously check seat projections daily, as if they mean anything -- but knowing they do not.

It's all beyond predictable.

Calls for us to vote so-called strategically, casting blame and shame on anyone who wants something different. Dire warnings about so-called vote splitting -- the term itself worthy of derision, as if Liberal and NDP voters all want the same thing, as if the parties are actually the same. As if we're somehow divvying up the votes, as opposed to, you know, voting. Perhaps we should talk about vote-splitting between the Tories and the Liberals.

In BC, where everyone hates the Liberals, the Conservatives are scaremongering about the NDP. In all provinces, the Liberals are scaremongering about the Conservatives, while they peddle their false centrism.

And so many people spending their precious, measly little vote by trying to predict what other people will do! So many people not voting for what they want, and instead falling for the biggest self-fulfilling scam of them all.

Our awesome MP
I don't know if we're about to see a Liberal minority or a Conservative minority. And although I don't want Andrew Scheer to become Prime Minister, I cannot and will not vote for the pipeline-buying, corporate-loving, environment-killing, indigenous-hating, lying, duplicitous, unprincipled Trudeau Liberals.

Most right-thinking Canadians don't want Canada to mimic the United States. Yet they continue to believe that there are only two parties worthy of their vote, rather than building a movement for something better.

Not this voter. Not now, not ever.


John B. said...

Make your decision based on the situation in your district unless you consider the Liberals to be as bad as the CRAP Party. In that case it would be too easy.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry to break this to you, Laura, but the Assembly of First Nations has released its 2019 federal election analysis and with a tally of 75/76 the Green Party prevails. The Libs come in at just 30/76 while the Tories earn a fitting 3/76. The NDP, however, comes in barely better than the Libs at just 35/76.


As for the climate crisis, CBC hired consultants to analyze the party platforms by what they would mean for emissions cutting. Three parties were in the very high bracket of 600 to 650 ppm of GHGs. The worst, obviously, were the Tories. The Libs were better but the NDP was still over 600 ppm. When they evaluated the Greens' years-in-development platform, it came in at 450 ppm GHGs. The analysts found that the NDP platform was an economy wrecker. The Greens, by contrast, were not recessionary at all.


We have a rich history of New Dems going all environmental at election time only to seemingly lose interest almost as soon as the votes are counted. Look at Horgan with the Site C dam, LNG development, coal and old growth logging on the island. You weren't out here when the BC Libs (cons) implemented Canada's first carbon tax. The NDP furiously opposed it. Then there was Rachel Notley right next door.

At the heart of progressivism is the tenet that we must leave the land to succeeding generations better than we found it. Even Edmund Burke wrote that we are mere life tenants of the land. Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt echoed that belief. It's stirring stuff for election campaigns and but it's got a damned short shelf life afterwards.

Jagmeet seems like a nice guy and he's way better than Justin Trudeau but his party has never been green and he's not either. Let us pray for minority government. Is it getting cold up your way yet?

laura k said...

I'm not voting NDP because Jagmeet is a nice guy. "Sorry to break it you" (condescending much?) Mound, but the Green Party are conservatives in green clothing -- anti labour, anti immigrant. A transition without jobs is not enough. I vote for the party of labour, and their green policies make the most sense to me.

As far as Notley, no party is going to run Alberta and not support the tarsands. That is just never going to happen.

"The analysts found that the NDP platform was an economy wrecker." I'm surprised you fall for that Liberal propaganda.


You're talking Teddy Roosevelt? National Parks, great, but imperialist wars, no thanks. Not sure what US presidents have to do with this discussion.

laura k said...

Make your decision based on the situation in your district

So try to imagine the future, and what all the other voters in your riding are doing, then hedge your bets?

Make your decision based on what you want. Full stop.

allan said...

Sorry to break this to you, Laura

What the fuck is with the bullshit mansplaining?
(You're lucky your comment got put through, if you ask me.)

But since you have all the facts, kindly enlighten us lowly morons and tell us exactly what the seat breakdown will be. I'd say then we'll compare it to the actual poll results, but you will obviously nail it 100%.

Not sure what US presidents have to do with this discussion.

Sorry to break this to you, Laura, but Canadian voters want desperately to copy the US's two-party-system (which is (actually...) a one-party-system) because it has produced such awesome fucking results. (Make Canada America Again?)



John B. said...

It doesn't take much imagination. I guess how you play it depends on what you want to derive from the experience.

laura k said...

It takes more than imagination. It takes fantasy: the ability to see into the future, and to influence how you think others will vote.

If you live in a riding that's up for grabs, you cannot and do not know how the riding will go. And if you stopped trying to predict that, and voted for your party of choice, and everyone did the same, you would be voting instead of fantasizing.

Jim said...

I still look at the background of the local candidates. I won't vote for a property developer regardless of party or a Con. Given the nature of Parliament, I try to assess who will best stick up for Kingston in the back rooms where the real deals are made. I'm always astonished by the thin resumes of candidates who are not Lib or Con. Kingston still a 2-party riding.

John F said...

My riding hasn't gone conservative since 1988, so I'm definitely voting NDP. The Liberals have been a grave disappointment, starting with their flip-flop on proportional representation and continuing through them BUYING A FREAKING PIPELINE. An NDP government would make things better. The best thing I can say about a second Liberal government is that they won't make things significantly worse. And the Conservatives...hoo boy. The Red Tories were devoured by the rabid mutant strain from Alberta.

John F said...

I should add that I voted Liberal last time. I was exhausted from a decade of the Harper regime, and believed that Justin Trudeau might be different

I'm never going to do that again. I am a progressive, and I will vote progressive from now on.

allan said...

The Liberals have been a grave disappointment, starting with their flip-flop on ...

Who could have predicted that?!?

allan said...

Went to the hardware store this morning with the guy who built our backyard fence, to pay a couple of statements. Fence Guy asked Store Guy if he voted and who he voted for. SG: "Conservative."
Somehow I kept my mouth shut .. until we were in the car. FG: "He's a nice guy, even though he (some wisecrack)." Me: "And he votes Conservative." (I know FG and his wife voted NDP in early voting, though it doesn't sound like he always has.)

With God's Help said...

LK, today I voted differently than I ever have before. Thanks to working with you I considered other options. I voted for the party I want. It's not strategic, but at least I cast a true vote.

laura k said...

WGH, thank you for sharing that with me. You 100% made my day.

John F, I once voted for them, too. I regretted it and won't do it again.

Jim, that's a good idea. It's one reason I usually feel good about any NDP candidate. Their backgrounds are diverse, down-to-earth, and usually public-service or activist oriented.