pupdate: running on the beach, jumping over the fence, and awesomely coming back to us

Things are going really well with the new pack of five. Having three dogs isn't that big a deal! Who knew? But I should qualify: it's not that big a deal with this particular mix, in our current, specific circumstances. I don't think we'll need to have three forever -- but we are really enjoying it right now.

Cookie is so affectionate -- not just to us, but to her canine packmates, too. She likes to squeeze in on a bed (or a crate!) that one of the other dogs is already using. This never fails to melt me.

We had another trip to the beach, the second time with all three dogs. Cookie's recall was much improved! We did the same thing as last time -- gave them 5 or 10 minutes of running mayhem at the nearby ballfield before heading to the beach itself.

This time Cookie never went off on her own. She and Kai ran and ran and ran -- sometimes quite far away, chasing birds -- but we would keep calling their names, and eventually they both circled back around to us (and treats).

Remember Kai-dini, the dog that could not be contained? We've been taking her in the backyard only on-leash and clipping her to a long tether. If we think, meh, it's only for a few minutes, and another dog walks by the house during those few minutes, she pops over the fence to say hi. We hustle inside the house and out the front door -- and there she is waiting for us! How's that for awesome? We are super lucky, as any escape can be a disaster.

Not to be outdone, Cookie realized that she, too, can sail over a fence. A little terrier was streaking across several lawns. He must have slipped his lead or escaped out a door, and he was running at full tilt. So Cookie popped out to join him.

I was scared. Cookie is fast. In the time it would take me to even get on the street, who knows where she would be? I ran through the house, calling "Oh my god, Cookie jumped the fence!" I grabbed a leash, and D grabbed Kai as she was heading out the door. I ran down the driveway calling "Cookie! Cookie!" as loud as I could. I had barely turned off the driveway to the street, when who comes tearing around the corner, towards me, at top speed?? She ran right past me and into the house!

I couldn't believe it. This was days ago and I'm still amazed and thrilled.

Unfortunately this means that neither of the Littles can be outside without being tethered. In the new house, though, the yard will be much more secure -- fully fenced, a higher fence, and not visible to the street -- removed from most temptations.


Amy said...

Those photos are just so wonderful. It makes me happy just to look at them. How old do you think Cookie is? Her name fits perfectly---she is so sweet.

Oy, the fence jumping would make me crazy. We had a six foot fence in our backyard of our old house, and neither dog ever tried to jump. (The cats did, so they ended up as indoor cats.) Our current house has no fence, but Cassie was old by the time we moved there. Plus we had a leash law so she was never running loose at home.

When will you move?

laura k said...

Thank you Amy! I feel the same way. :)

This fence is only 3 ft high! It's not a proper fence. The portion of the yard that we closed off now has a 4 ft fence, and they haven't tried to jump that. The new house has 6 ft. I think we'll be safe.

Cookie was maybe 9 months old when we adopted her, so maybe 10 months now. She is sweet, but also a Smart Cookie and a Tough Cookie. All cookie metaphors apply. :)

We close on July 4 (inshalla) and plan on moving in over 2 or 3 weeks in July. My mom arrives July 23 and I'd like to be fully moved in by then.

Amy said...

So she's still a puppy! And Kai? We got Cassie at about that same age (we also didn'tknow her exact age), and we were surprised by how much she grew even then---mostly filling in. My dad said she looked like a fox when we first got her with her big ears and long body. I wonder how much Cookie will fill in!

Good luck with the closing, and I hope you feel better!!

laura k said...

Yes, she's a baby! And Kai is an adolescent, albeit the best-behaved teenager ever. She's around 18 months we believe.

A fox, I love that! We think Cookie looks like a deer. :)

Thank you for the good wishes. I'm sure I'll be writing all about it.

Amy said...

I can see the deer in her. :)

I hope you will and also share some photos of the new place. It should be very exciting.

impudent strumpet said...

I'm reminded of this picture of a dog climbing a fence

But I'm glad their recall is getting better!

laura k said...

Blair Braverman! I read her "Goddamn Ice Cube" book. That dog looks so sweet -- and very talented!

We'd better not let Kai see that pic.

Jay Farquharson said...

Is there any better expression of pure joy than a dogs face, when running just for the joy of running?

Us humans don’t look like that when we are running.

impudent strumpet said...

I haven't read the book yet (it's on my list) but I've been totally fangirl for her dogs since this thread full of puppies got tweeted into my feed

laura k said...

Pure joy and pure athletic grace. As John G said elsewhere, such a joy to watch, as is their sacked-out comfort afterwards.

laura k said...

Now that's a lot of puppies!

johngoldfine said...

There was a character in Victorian penny-dreadfuls named Spring-Heeled Jack. He'd lurk in dark back alleys and then with the wondrous springs in his bootheels would leap into second story windows to do his mischief. We call our new pup Spring-Heeled Jill for her amazing leaps up and over everything we offer. Anything the 60 lb poodles can manage, little 20 lb Fonzarella can handle with ease.

(We also call her Serafina Slyboots for her sneaky ways and AquaPup for her fearless water activities.)

allan said...

More beach fun today. We drove to a different point on the beach because there were six-to-eight horses (with riders) in the water where we usually walk out. At this new point, Kai and Cookie ran like maniacs (Kai with a new baseball in her mouth) and, with Diego, met a couple of whippets who live nearby. Then a woman and her energetic, one-year-old Australian shepherd came walking down the beach. More play time! A little later, a kayak being paddled by someone possibly related to the beach-walking woman came ashore with her shepherd sitting on the front of the kayak, having enjoyed the ride around the bay. Also, the tide was visibly coming in. We know, from low tide, that the bottom of the bay is flat for at least several hundred yards, and maybe all of the dogs did too because they waded quite a ways out into the water. ... Then a drink of water, a bit of toweling off, and back home to lay peacefully and contentedly in the sun for a few hours on the deck.