pupdate: that was fast: cookie and kai are best friends

Under a plastic chair: Cookie's safe space

It's tough to get a photo of Kai without a toy in her mouth.

I thought it would be difficult to get Cookie enough exercise...


Stephanie said...

I have been thinking that this is exactly what Lucas needs. More exercise and more stimulation/socialization. They make a fine pair...

The Mound of Sound said...

It's amazing how posts like this can bring back memories, in my case back to the late 60s. It was 'homecoming' weekend at the University of Western Ontario and I had three high school friends about to enter med school. In those days homecoming partying was an athletic event. It was Saturday morning. My hosts had all laid waste to themselves into the early hours of the morning and were in no fit condition... yada, yada, yada.

My friends therefore recruited me to make a food run to the London farmer's market nearby. We managed to find enough cash and off I went. Only I never got far into the market. Outside on the sidewalk was a guy who had a weeks-old beagle puppy in a crate. We haggled over the price until he came down to the amount of cash in my pocket.

When I returned to their apartment, sans anything resembling food, and holding a seriously wormy puppy hound I explained when I saw that little guy I just couldn't say no. They immediately laid claim to the puppy and he came to be owned by John who saw to it that the critter got prompt veterinary attention. It was their mascot through medical school and remained with John for the rest of its "indulged" life.

Years later it was my turn when I went to law school. My new bride, inspired by the story, presented me with my very own beagle puppy, Shana. Among my extracurricular activities I ran the school newspaper which provided me a lockable office space in the school. It quickly became the students' mascot and was even listed on the masthead of the paper copies of which are maintained in the library of parliament to this day.

Dogs do have a way of gently bending us to their requirements. And they give so much back.

Good luck, you two with your fine-looking brood.

Jay Farquharson said...

Thank you for bringing the happy in these days,

And opening up your home.

Stephanie said...

Looking at the original photo of Cookie at the library from some time ago, she looks so sad that I almost want to cry. However to see her now running with Kai and damn near smiling and I want to Laugh out loud!!

I can't help but think, she will be so happy!

impstrump said...

Hi Diego standing up and outside!

I love how Kai's toy is bigger than her head!

Have the dogs figured out that they outnumber the humans yet?

M@ said...

These pics can't possibly do justice to how sweet and friendly and gentle both Kai and Cookie are. They are both lovely dogs whenever they aren't trying to wrestle each other to the ground!

laura k said...

Thank you so much everyone! (Sorry for the delayed response.)

It's been a tad chaotic, but worth it a million times over.

Mound, I love those beagle stories! So great that you rescued that pup and that your friends rose to the occasion.