the troll that wouldn't die

He lives.

Those of you who go back a long way with wmtc will remember how this blog was the target of trolls, back in the heyday of the blogosphere, before Twitter and Instagram existed, before so many bloggers moved to Facebook. Social media evolved, attention spans got shorter, and the trolls eventually left wmtc. All but one. You know who I'm talking about. The one and only magnolia_2000, a/k/a Mags.

Mags has disappeared for long stretches of time, but he always returns. Allan says that Mags is addicted to me and will never leave -- that no matter how much time passes, we will always hear from him again. I am his obsession.

Recently he's revived his pathetic attempt at bullying. I can't say I understand it. Can he possibly think I care what some random wacko thinks of my life choices?? It is utterly bizarre.

Here are some recent gems from the boy. He doesn't like Port Hardy. He doesn't like Kai. He doesn't like where we shop. He doesn't like our rugs! Oh noes!

Here's a particularly wacky one from 2017. He's referring to earrings I bought on a trip 10 years earlier! Ten years!!!

I last posted about Mags in 2013; the comments on that thread are quite amusing. My long essay about the Harper government's citizenship guide (reprinted in shorter form on several other sites), plus the death of Henry Morgentaler, brought Mags around. Trolls are nothing if not predictable: Morgentaler is a Canadian hero, and Mags is a viscious anti, misogyny being the sine qua non of trolldom.

Nothing seems to set Mags off more than when we travel. The man follows along on wmtc and complains about our trips. Seriously.

At some point, Mags expressed sympathy when we lost one of our dogs! I find that the most bizarre comment of all. I guess obsessions are complicated.

* * * *

I've enjoyed documenting the trolls over the years. The phenomenon fascinates me, and the comment threads are always interesting.

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From 2005 to 2007, there are a lot of posts about troll attacks, tagged "wingnuts". Posts such as i am a fascist pig, i am a cowardthe welcoming committee, and begone foul spirit.


Kim_in_TO said...

OMG! What a loser!

A friend of mine commented on another troll elsewhere; she simply said "he must be such an unhappy person." I've never thought about it that way, but I think she's absolutely right. What kind of person dedicates himself to an obsession over someone he doesn't know and never agrees with? Jesus. Move on with your life, buddy (such as it is).

I'd forgotten all about him until this post, and it reminded me: didn't he go through a weird period of posting leftist comments on mass media sites? Whatever happened with that?

Lorne said...

Sounds like this person is like a bad case of herpes. He goes into a dormant phase, but always comes back.

laura k said...

Herpes lol :-D

laura k said...

Kim, that may have been GaryStJ. Mags' MO was setting up a Blogger account that looked almost like mine -- L.girl or L-girl. -- and telling my friends I hated them.

The 2009 post linked above, the one that was published at The Mark, has the scoop on that.

laura k said...

And I'm sure your friend is right. He must be unhappy. Probably many angry and destructive people are.

allan said...

One comment promises we'll move to a suburb of Vancouver in less than 2 years. He also predicted - well over a decade ago - that we'd last only a few years in Canada.

He's insulting our rugs!!! ... You've lost so much off your fastball, Mags. And you have not learned how to pitch like a crafty veteran either. You're a ineffective journeyman with an ever-rising ERA. In the words of someone who I have no doubt you admire: Sad!

Sunday, April 14, 2019 11:59:00 AM

laura k said...

That comment is just plain weird. We live 1.5 kms from town, not 10. There are fir trees galore, and smoke coming out of every chimney. I'm friendly and open, and I love not living anywhere near a Tim Hortons. But you can't apply logic to these comments.

Amy said...

Grrrr. I am glad you have a sense of humor about his comments. My thin skin and anxiety issues means this stuff would make me crazy! What is his problem???

And, gee, I thought everyone in Canada was nice! :)

laura k said...

No grrr here at all. I find the whole thing baffling but hilarious.

Even pre-meds, when I had anxiety, this never would have bothered me. I'd be interested in knowing how it would effect you and why, but you may not want to discuss it here.

Amy said...

First, I would feel hurt and insulted that someone was being so intentionally mean. Even strangers I've never met can hurt my feelings. I don't know why I am made that way, but it's true. I am very sensitive.

And I also would worry that someone this mean and this strange would find me or those I love and hurt them in other ways.

One year when I was teaching, I had one student out of a hundred who hated me for reasons I've never understood. She not only attacked my teaching, she attacked my clothes and my appearance. I was devastated. (Evaluations were anonymous so I had no idea who it was, though the handwriting seemed to be a woman's.) I was haunted by it for days. Even though I had overwhelmingly positive evaluations in my years of teaching, this one mean one has always stayed with me.

laura k said...

Ah, interesting insight, thank you for sharing that with me. I can see how this weird stuff would be very upsetting then.

laura k said...

I have always known that Mags and other anonymous trolls would not approach me in person -- ever. I've never been concerned about that.

The Mound of Sound said...

Laura, Allan - this MAGS is such a jerk. The "armpit" of Vancouver Island? Could it be your 'friend' has fallen off his/her meds?

Glad to read that you take this in stride. Laughing off these characters is probably the best approach.

laura k said...

Yeah, for me it's the only approach . Quite a weirdo. (And a man. Or perhaps I should just say male.)

M@ said...

"I have read every line of every post about your recent trip, and thus I can say with authority: your trips are WORTHLESS! I'm going to an all-inclusive in Cuba to have a REAL holiday! In the meantime, I will continue demonstrating that I read every single word you write because it's so TERRIBLE! Love, Mags."

That's about the only way to summarize this guy. I agree: baffling and amusing. If he weren't such a clearly awful person, he'd be a very, very sad case.