the view from here

This is the view around the corner from our place, maybe 100 metres down the main road into town -- when it's not raining.


Rural said...

..and you dumped Toronto for that ! LOL

laura k said...

Even uglier than Toronto: Mississauga!

drf said...

I'd say you are not in Mississauga any more! :) Beautiful! "you'll get use to that" is what a neighbour said to us when we first moved from ATL to a bay in the
Florida panhandle and were remarking on the incredible beauty around us. We never did...and I suspect you guys will not either!

laura k said...

drf, you are correct!

Someone told me I would start to feel "meh" about seeing bald eagles, whales, and dolphins. Bzzzzzzt. Nope!

I never tired of seeing the Manhattan skyline. And I'll never tire of seeing this incredible natural beauty either.