more trip pics on flickr

More photos from our drive west are now on my Flickr page: here.

I'll also be adding to the sets vancouver island and vancouver island north as we explore.


Amy said...

Those mountains---wow.

Will you post some photos of your new home and the town? Hope so!

laura k said...

You can see the house here. Also Google Maps -- use street view.

The tree in front is no longer there. It was cut down because a cougar was patrolling the yard! It killed a little dog next door. I guess the way to cougar-proof your yard is by not having trees.

The town, sure, we could do that! There's not much of it. :)

Amy said...

Oh, the poor little dog. :( And the poor tree! But the house looks sweet! I am so glad all is working out for you guys.

laura k said...

Thank you! It's a funny house -- a ranch, so unusual these days, but great for my knees!

allan said...

Some other house/local pics here, but not here.