eleven things about our new life in port hardy

Here are some really nice things about our new life in Port Hardy.

1. It is very quiet. In the house, we hear bird song, the occasional barking dog, a car going by. No sirens, car alarms, bus announcements, school bells, screaming children. We have never lived anywhere quiet. It's lovely.

2. People are friendly. Very friendly. Also lovely.

3. It has not rained since we got here. It is sometimes misty or foggy. I can tell the air is humid by how long it takes damp laundry to dry. But so far, no rain.

4. We are very near water. Mississauga and Toronto are technically on a huge body of water, but you never feel it unless you're right beside it.

5. Having laundry in our own living space again is very wonderful.

6. All of the appliances in this house are shiny and new, and not the bare-bones that we usually find in rentals. I always say, I am destined to have crappy kitchens. This seems to have changed.

7. We have had two very good meals in restaurants in town, including really good pizza at a pub. There are still two or three cafes we haven't tried.

8. We have outdoor space again. There's no describing how wonderful that is.

9. Diego seems completely adjusted and at home.

10. Allan is happy. This sometimes feels like a rare event, so seeing him happy fills me with joy.

11. Having M and SIL with us for the move-in has been so wonderful. SIL is a great organizer and has unpacked a ton of stuff. M is Mr. Fix-It -- actually more like Mr. Fix-It, Break Down and Rebuild It, Repurpose It. All that plus the four of us have been having a great time together.

Life is good.


Zenslinger said...

Great to hear!

Amy said...

Sounds just amazing. It actually gave me goosebumps reading this!!

mkk said...

We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit and continue to do so! It is great fun to explore your new environs with you and Allan!

Jen and Ryan said...

So happy to hear this. We love following your journey. I can remember our first night in Nelson and the snow storm that hit. We stayed in a cabin outside of town, right off the beautiful lake. We lost power and it was cold but I never felt more at home when I woke up the next morning. You are going to love it.

drf said...

We like it when "life is good"! Yeah, being @ the end of the road means
less drive by traffic = less noise and pollution...another very good thing. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year (are we the first to send good tidings of
comfort and joy?)
A week of sunshine in the forecast for Vancouver too!

allan said...

Allan is happy. This sometimes feels like a rare event...

I think I was the one who commented this afternoon on the utter quietness of our street. That, plus the smell from fireplaces in neighbouring houses, is wonderful.

Yesterday, I drove to a store to complete our cell phone transfers to a BC carrier. I played a song in the car and was at the store a full minute before the guitar solo began! After our dinners, we have driven home in about three minutes. I like this.

After having anxiety about finding decent employment in such a small town, to continue working for the same law firm I have worked for since we moved to Canada - and to do it from home - has relieved a ton of stress. (Plus I have a very large office in the house.)

My (our) life is quite small now. Work, baseball at night in the summer, movies/series at night during the off-season, plenty of personal things to keep me busy at home, a deck/patio - that's truly all I really care about, now that I'm no longer 25 years old and burning with the desire to live in and experience a big city.

And when it rarely gets warmer than 22C/72F in the summer ... my happiness is going to fuckin skyrocket.

James Redekop said...

How are the stars at night?

And did you feel any of the Alaskan earthquake where you are?

allan said...

No rumblings at all.
Stars are quite nice, but it has also been cloudy.

laura k said...

I am really looking forward to seeing stars on a clear night. Many clear nights.