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Where to begin?

Not blogging for the last eight weeks has been difficult! I was reminded how much I need to write, and how much I enjoy writing for readers. I have so much to catch up on -- I've been keeping a list -- but I don't want to overwhelm you. (For selfish reasons: I want you to read!) I'm going to blog my heart out, but I'll schedule only one daily post. At least that's the plan.

The timeline runs something like this.

April 7 - Ontario NDP search committee contacts me.

April 9 - I agree to seek the nomination for the NDP in my riding; vetting begins.

April 16 - Allan and I go to Vancouver Island with my brother and sister-in-law who live in Oregon. More than just a vacation, this was an exploratory trip, as we are considering moving there.

April 20 - I am cleared to seek the nomination.

April 24 - We return home from Vancouver Island.

April 29 - I attend my first official NDP event, Andrea Horwath's campaign kickoff rally in Hamilton.

May 6 - I am officially nominated as the NDP candidate for Mississauga Centre.

May 7 - I begin leave-of-absence from work and union responsibilities.

May 9 - Writ drops (election begins)

- whole bunch of stuff happens -

June 7 - Rob Ford's Conservative party wins majority government; Andrea Horwath's NDP becomes official opposition party. We placed second in the riding, getting 27% of the vote -- almost double the usual percentage for NDP in Mississauga, and the first time the Party has come in second here. Other Mississauga ridings have similar results.

The outcome is grim. Not for me personally! I return to work that I love, both as a librarian and a union activist. I learned a lot, met wonderful people, and gained valuable experience. No worries for me.

But the outlook for the people of our province is terrible. Many, many people will suffer. The richest will get richer on the backs of the poor and working class. The middle class will continue to struggle mightily to maintain a decent quality of life; many will be unable to. Racism, misogyny, homophobia, and white nationalism will rise and become more socially acceptable.

The majority of Ontarians have made a terrible choice, acting against their own best interests.


johngoldfine said...

Hiya, stranger!

John F said...

I watched the CBC coverage of Ontario's depressing election. 21 minutes from poll closure to Mini Trump majority government. Bleargh!

At least I had the consolation of the Jays' late rally over the Orioles...

Laura, I congratulate you on putting yourself forward. I'm sorry you got such a rough ride in the media, but it was mostly the Toronto Sun, so who gives a crap? I hate that so many people in this country seem to enjoy monitoring their fellow citizens for the slightest deviation from patriotic orthodoxy.

allan said...

Ontarians were asked: Huge companies like Rogers and Loblaws and Petro Canada and Walmart have very large tax bills in Canada. Do you want those companies to pay their own taxes or would you like to pay their bills for them? We will simply add it to your own taxes.

Hundreds of thousands of working class people said they would rather pay Walmart's tax bills.

barefoot hiker said...

Laura, I was overjoyed when I saw you were running for Queen's Park! My God, how far you've come since the days you were just musing about moving country. If you don't mind my saying so, if it's not condescending, I was so, so proud of you when I read that. When I read the poll that had the NDP at 47% I had fleeting visions of you in the provincial cabinet. Yes, what a loss to the province that it didn't happen, and what a loss to the province that 905 when so solidly Tory. Especially with Doug the Thug, of all people, at the bow. The shenanigans leading up to it are Trumpian and almost enough to make me believe in the Devil.

I hope you'll be on deck next time, when enough of the province has come to its senses to give the NDP a second shot. I've been a traditional Liberal voter my whole life, but I voted NDP this time (even though my riding, Don Valley East, was one of the handful that stayed Liberal). Not just to keep Doug the Thug out of power, but because I actually agreed with the platform Andrea put forward. If she can make a good showing of being Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition as Mr. "I make stickers and spent one term in Toronto City Council babysitting my brother in his drunken stupors" Ford butters the ball for the next four years, we just might see a government of the people, by the people, for the people in Ontario again.

--Previously Lone Primate :)

laura k said...

Lone Primate!! It's wonderful to hear from you and thank you SO MUCH for this lovely comment.

When I saw the name Barefoot Hiker, not a name I recognize and yet the commenter appears to know me, I thought, I wonder if that could be Lone Primate, he was into being shoeless...

laura k said...

I'm so disappointed in Ontario voters, it's hard for me to think about the future right now. We're dreaming of Vancouver Island. More on that soon.

barefoot hiker said...

Yes, my kind of summer hiking. :)

I can hardly blame you for how you feel. I feel the same way. Please keep in mind, though, that a solid 60% of us voted for progressive parties (or at least, more progressive than the Tories), and it's solely down to the fact that three parties split that vote that the Tories seem more favoured than they actually are.

As for Vancouver Island, oh, if only I had friends and a job there... As close to heaven as I think you can get in this country. :)