there is a major design flaw in the new blogger interface

Blogger has rolled out a redesigned dashboard. For those of us who write or manage blogs with comment moderation, it is decidedly not an upgrade. And for those of us who manage multiple blogs with comment moderation, it downright sucks.

Unfortunately I can't illustrate this post; I didn't know my dashboard was going to change, so I didn't screenshot the old one.

Previously, when I went to Blogger, which I have set as one of my home pages, I would see -- on the same screen -- all the blogs I manage. In one glance, with zero clicks, I could see if any comments were "awaiting moderation," as Blogger calls it, on all blogs.

Now when I go to Blogger, I see only one blog at a time. First I have to choose a blog. Then I have to click comments, awaiting moderation to see if there are any comments. Then choose another blog, click comments, awaiting moderation, and so on.

I did notice that when I return to the page, it has remained on the comments field, kind of like a default view, so that's not as bad as it could be.

However, many people manage multiple blogs. A dashboard that allows us to monitor activity on all blogs at the same time is very helpful. If Google will not scrap this new interface, I wish it would allow us to go back to the previous version.


Rural said...

Whilst I do not manage my comments directly on blogger but by email notification and thus that part of it does not bother me much, I must agree that the single blog at a time is indeed a pain in the ass! As with so many other software "updates" it makes something relatively simple more complex, I sometimes think programmers make such changes just to make work and justify their existence!

Amy said...

You have other blogs?

laura k said...

Allan and I have access to each other's blogs, so that we can put comments through. We're often online at different times, so there's less of a lag-time between a comment coming in and when it gets posted. Those are the main ones in terms of commenting.

I also have a blog documenting my fibromyalgia issues (linked on the sidebar).

And I contribute to two blogs for the library. One is reviews of nonfiction books, the other is information pertinent to librarianship.

Amy said...


laura k said...

Rural, I frequently think the same thing.