We must say goodbye to our sweet Tala today. At the vet yesterday, we got the worst possible news, and we know we must do this right away. I'm grateful that it's a clear decision.

Tala, Tala Bobala, Talabo, T-bo, T. Skinny Face. Princess Tala. My Little Girl.

She started life in a puppy mill in Tennessee. She was rescued to Ohio, then to Husky Savers in Western New York State. Then finally to Canada -- on the underground railroad to freedom. We fell in love with her on Petfinder and have been that way ever since, now one month shy of 10 years.

Talabo. Spinning wildly in circles, a white blur. Patroling the perimeter of her yard to keep us safe from the evil squirrels. Barking and spinning in the car, nonstop. Barking until someone would finally spray her with a hose, hopefully until she was soaked. Staring at the hose, waiting for someone to spray her, or perhaps trying to will the hose to spray her.

At the sound of the word "upstairs," even in casual conversation not directed at her, getting up and walking upstairs to go in her crate. Eating bees. Live bees, buzzing around in her mouth before she swallowed and caught another.

In her younger days, picking on small dogs at the dog park. If they would turn around and give her what-for, she was happy to let them chase her. If they cowered, she bullied them until we could finally distract her.

Mostly nice to other dogs, always sweet to humans, especially children. When we first brought Tala home, Cody hated her, but Tala didn't care, she kept trying to get Cody to play with her, until Cody finally gave in. Tala, best friend to Diego from the moment they met.

Degenerative disc disease or cauda equina syndrome forced us to change her life. She adapted without complaint. Not once, but two or three times, when we had to re-boot her rehab from the beginning. In May 2016 she had a soft tissue sarcoma. We had it removed and she was quickly back to herself.

White, soft, fluffy, with magic self-cleaning fur that repelled water and never looked dirty. ("How do you keep her so clean?" People would ask me all the time.)

Goodbye, my little girl. We will love you forever.

After diagnosis


Cherry Beach, with Diego

Waiting... hoping...

Waiting for a neighbour to spray her.

After one of the wmtc parties.

After her surgery this past May.

This will always be my favourite picture of her.

The picture on Petfinder.
L: "Where is Churchville, New York?"
A: "I don't know, but wherever it is, we're going."

Gypsy, November 28, 1987 - November 12, 1998
Clyde, October 21, 1989 - August 4, 1999
Cody, April 19, 1999 - August 24, 2010
Buster, December 14, 1999 - November 16, 2005
Tala, January 29, 2007 - December 29, 2016
Diego, April 26, 2011


West End Bob said...

So sorry to hear this news laura k and allan! Tala's passing will leave a HUGE hole in your hearts for a long time. I'm still missin' our Four-Footed-Friend JoJo four years later. Looks like Tala and JoJo went thru the same soft-tissue sarcoma problems, too - the photo of her post-surgery brought back so many memories. But, the photos of Tala with the water hose are priceless!

We're glad you got to spend as much time with your baby as we did and our thoughts are with you on this sad day . . . .

Amy said...

I remember when you first brought her home. So much love. Their lives are too short. But you two gave her the best possible life. Cherish your memories.

allan said...

I remember when you first brought her home.

Tala Comes Home

M@ said...

We loved her too. Such a sweet, smart dog, and a joy to be around. We're so sorry, but we also understand that decision. Love to you all. (We've been spoiling the heck out of Bean today btw...)

johngoldfine said...

Fuck, Laura, fuck.

johngoldfine said...

Our old girl (15) Chloe died three weeks ago, but, as was her habit, she made it easy all around. I put her out for a piss and when I went to get her ten minutes later, she had simply lain down and died.

Inevitably, one keeps looking for the missing dog. Thinking about her, thinking about your vignette eulogy of Tala, I'm all teared up.

laura k said...

Thank you West End Bob and johngoldfine. And thanks M@ and Amy for commenting here after your support on Facebook.

I must echo what John said. Fuck fuck fuck.

laura k said...

John, I'm so sorry about Chloe.

Yes, looking for the missing dog. This morning. It's hard.

impudent strumpet said...

Oh, Tala! :( :( :(

I'm so very, very sorry :(

laura k said...

Thank you Imp Strump. I knew you would be very sad to hear.