we still like lists: recipe for effective activism

What it takes to be an effective activist:

1. Hopefulness

2. Persistence, perseverance

3. Reliability

4. Enjoyment of teamwork

5. Willingness to take direction from others

6. Willingness to make space and time in your life for your cause

7. Good listening skills

8. A long view

9. Boundaries

10. Passion for your cause


deang said...

I've been thinking about this list. I have been involved with activist groups off and on for years and years but have never really considered myself an actual activist. I have various degrees of the qualities you list here, but I think what I lack most is courage. I am too timid to do some things, but then I wonder if that just boils down to a lack of hope. Not sure, but this list has caused me to think about it.

laura k said...

I think if you have been involved with activist groups for years and years, you are very much an activist.

This list is only my personal observation. It doesn't mean that every effective activist checks off every quality or trait.

But I'm glad it made you think.