hooray for tala

Tala is doing great! Of course she was exhausted and a bit wobbly when she came home, but now she's well rested and back to herself. And she looks a whole lot better without a disgusting, oozing tumour sticking out of her side! More importantly, there's a 75% chance the cancer won't come back.

Look how thick her fur is! The doc said this will take a long time to grow back.

She doesn't need the Cone of Silence* this time, but the surgeon recommended she wear a t-shirt to keep protect the incision site. Tala accepts it with grace.

*  I much prefer the vintage TV reference to the what most people seem to call it, the Cone of Shame. The surgery clinic calls it an E-collar, which makes me think both of some sort of digital device, and of E. coli.


allan said...

First photo - Diego is never far away.

West End Bob said...

Awwww, best wishes for a speedy recovery and no recurrence of the nasty tumor-thing, Tala!

impudent strumpet said...

OMG, Tala!!! I'm just catching up on all this - I'm sorry you guys had to go through all this roller-coaster of drama and I'm glad Tala's now feeling better.

#LeastImportantThing Is it hard to put a t-shirt on a dog?

laura k said...

Aw, thank you, Imp Strump!

Is it hard to put a t-shirt on a dog?

The mechanics of it aren't difficult, if you have a big enough t-shirt.

But actually getting your dog to wear a t-shirt, that depends on the dog. Tala accepted it gracefully. Buster would have done the same. Diego would be afraid, and we would have to convince him with treats and love, and eventually it would be fine.

Cody would have FREAKED out and probably not let us do it at all.

Often the submissive/bottom dogs are really icky and antsy about every little thing. The alpha/top dogs are confident and secure, and they don't mind whatever needs to be done.