off to vancouver

I struggle to find time to write even a small fraction of what I'd like to post here. But there's one thing I'll always write about: my travels. And there are never enough of them.

This morning we are flying to Vancouver, our first time there. A few days later, Oregon and a mini family reunion. Two very needed weeks off.

But first: Dogtopia.


Amy said...

Have a wonderful trip! I look forward to reading about it.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You will find Van to be much like Newfoundland except substitute pit pulls for the the polar bears.

laura k said...

Thanks, Amy.

As for the other comment, that's just weird.

impudent strumpet said...

I forgot about the Dogtopia webcam! I went to look now and there was no webcam because they're closed :( I'll have to remember it exists next time I need a mental break from work.

laura k said...

I've been looking at it every morning. I hope you see Tala and Diego! I don't know why, but I think it would be nice if you saw them live, so to speak.

impudent strumpet said...

I think I see them! There are two dogs that meet each of their descriptions. I'm pretty sure Diego is the one with less white (of the two big black and white dogs with a white tip on their tail) but I can't tell which of the big white dogs with pointy ears and snout is Tala.

But I tuned in just in time to see one of the Maybe-Talas poo on the floor! Then she went over to wrestle with a golden lab, and Probably-Diego interrupted to smell her bum. #Classy.

Then some more dogs got let in and everyone had to run around in a giant blur for a while. Now Maybe-Tala #1 has a red ball, Maybe-Tala #2 is part of a clump of dogs following the human around, and Probably-Diego is wrestling with a kind of boxer-ish dog.

laura k said...

We loved this!

The difference between the Maybe-Talas and Tala is the tail. Tala's tail - sadly - does not go up anymore in the classic "flag" behind her. Because her spine condition, her tail is always down.

I believe the Probably-Diego is a breed, as opposed to the unique blend of our Diego. I can't get the link to work on the tablet right now, but you can Google Bernese Mountain Dog.

impudent strumpet said...

I peeked back in again to see if I could tell the difference between with this new information, but the doppeldoggers were gone and only Real Tala and Real Diego were there. However, I tuned in just in time to catch Diego promptly sitting in response to the human's instructions. Good boy, Diego! Tala is quietly off to the side wit a red ball that she seems to have claimed as her own.

laura k said...

How funny! We got an email update from Dogtopia this morning, and the person said "I had them out alone this morning". And you saw it!