meet the new boss and etc.

Well, here's something I never expected: the Harper Conservatives get booted out, and I'm not celebrating.

I'm happy they're gone, of course. And some spectacular assholes lost their seats. But on the other hand, Canadian voters in 100 ridings wanted to keep them in power. And more importantly, almost every Member of Parliament who I felt good about is out.

We have a lot of work to do.


Kev said...

You're not alone Laura, we've merely put a happy face on neoliberalism,austerity and privatisation.

Megan Leslie gone How can people be so blind as to jettison one of the finest parliamentarians we had.

laura k said...

I've been saying the exact same thing.

Megan Leslie
Peggy Nash
Craig Scott (Jack's old riding!)
Olivia Chow
Malcolm Allen
... many others

karen said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sad too.

I'm feeling pretty bad about my fellow Canadians.

laura k said...

Argh!!! Old friend LP, I just accidentally deleted your recent comments!! So sorry! I deleted 4 comments - 2 from you and 2 from Amy. :(