photos from france, may 2014

I have been avoiding the photos I took on my trip with my mom in May. I suspected they were going to be pretty crappy and I didn't want to see them. But finally I did go through them, got rid of the worst offenses, and posted the rest on Flickr for safekeeping. I'm not happy with them, but... oh well.

If you're curious: they are here. There are some nice photos of my mom, and I'm even allowing a few of me to stay up, as intensely camera-shy as I am.


Amy said...

I thought they were lovely. Especially the flowers.

Amy said...

Oh, and your mother looks wonderful. I did not see any of you---did I miss some?

laura k said...

Thanks, Amy, that's so sweet of you to say.

I'm in there a little. There are a few of Connie and me.

I felt like most of the flower photos lack any real composition. There are a few good ones - the water lillies are ok - but mostly they are kind of a mess. But... whatever.

Laura So said...

these are gorgeous, Laura!