in which i attain the holy grail of librarianship: the permanent, full-time job

Meet the new permanent youth librarian at the Mississauga Central Library.

I've been in this position since January, but on a temporary or contract basis. Two big things had to happen in order for this job to post as permanent, and they were completely out of my control: two other people also had to get permanent promotions. If either of those people didn't get their permanent positions, my contract would have ended. I would have gone back to being a part-time library assistant (which would have been a huge hit both financially and in terms of responsibility) and tried for another contract librarian position.

In the last few months, both those people came through with their promotions. When I congratulated them, it was also - mostly? - happiness for myself!

Finally, a few weeks ago, my position posted as permanent. "Full-time permanent," in this context, means being eligible for benefits: paid vacation, paid sick time, extended health, pension, and so on. It also means the security of knowing I won't work as a library assistant in our system again.

Only one-third of staff in our library system is full-time permanent, and that percentage is shrinking all the time. So whenever a full-time, permanent job posts, there's a lot of competition.

I interviewed last week, and I got it.

This is the final piece in my Big Life Change that began with applying for graduate school in 2009. I'm sure I'll have other librarian jobs as my career progresses, to keep things interesting. But in terms of the career and life transition: this is it.


allan said...


M@ said...

Well duh. I told you it was in the bag last week.

(Just kidding. Woo hoo to the extreme! Awesome!!!)

James Redekop said...


johngoldfine said...

Almost as exciting as that handsome aubergine.

laura k said...

Yeah, that was some kinda eggplant.

Seriously, thanks, everyone. It's been pretty exciting. And amazingly, I already know how to do the job, because I've been doing it since January!

deang said...

Congratulations! Finally!

karen said...


laura k said...

Thanks :)

impudent strumpet said...

Congratulations!!! That's amazing - I didn't know people could even get full-time permanent jobs any more, like at all ever!

It seems like it happened really quickly too, although you might not agree as the person who actually had to do all the work :)

laura k said...

Thank you, Imp Strump!

It is indeed becoming very rare.

And I agree that it did happen pretty quickly! It was a combination of luck (positions had to open) and work. And being in a UNION.