wmtc posts now being tweeted

At the suggestion of a longtime reader - someone I had never heard from before, although he's been reading wmtc for many years - I will now be tweeting wmtc posts. For some people, this might be an easy way to follow or subscribe to this blog.

I've been on Twitter for a little while, under a pseudonym, mostly to follow certain feeds, and to ask the occasional question. Now I've changed my account name to @wmtcblog. I like how Twitter let me change the name but keep the account; following and followers all stay the same.

I suspect following me on Twitter will be redundant with following wmtc, but if you care to, here you go.


Kev said...

About time you joined the 21st century lol

laura k said...

Uh... I know you're kidding, but I'm pretty tech-friendly. I've been on Twitter, I just haven't wanted to connect it to my blog until now.

If I don't use a social media trend, it's usually because I've decided not to, not because I don't know about it, or don't know how to use it.

Kev said...

Those are harsh words to a Twitter addict like me I shall endeavour to do my best to corrupt you Consider yourself warned 8:))

deang said...

And plus it's not like Twitter's some kind of technological advance; it seems more of a fashion choice for people and has plenty of obvious limitations. (Not criticizing you, Laura, just Kev's joking suggestion that it might be backwards not to use it.)

Kev said...

Seriously though I find Twitter has afforded me an opportunity to reach far more people than I otherwise could have.

However it is not a medium for everyone, there can as much downside as up at times.

In the end we all have to find the right niche if you will for getting our message out, for me that is twitter. For others not so much.

laura k said...

deang, I agree with you. I have found some good uses for Twitter here and there, and that's been nice. But I'll never find it essential, and certainly not essential to bloging.

Kev, as I said, I'm not new to Twitter. I just don't care about it very much. :)